Saturday, January 18, 2014

runDisney costumes - from behind

It all began with my Minnie Mouse running costume for the 2013 WDW Marathon. I wanted my Minnie Mouse ears to be super special! Rather than having my name embroidered on the back, I had them add my social media handles! That is how most people know me at first after all. 

Sure you want the front of your costume to look great for the pictures, but runners don't spend much time looking at each other! Most of the time they are running behind each other looking at their back side! When I see other great costumes on the course I always notice them first from behind. It really takes work to actually see the front side! 

WDW Half 2014 wearing my Minnie ears

These 3 princesses really caught my eye on the half course! They actually are laced into those dressed! Not bad choices on the jog bras either!

Next up was this great Goofy runner! Way to wear your Goofy pride on your belt! I saw lots of plush character charms clipped onto belts, but using the bottle cage, pure genius! 

This tuba player takes the cake! He was playing Sesame Street songs while running! How could you miss Big Bird!

They were back for the full marathon ... with the tuba!

Eeyore and Pooh were trooping along with their music on looking fabulous! I did tell them how amazing they looked, but this time I was too tired to get a front shot! One mile to go in the half and I needed to be done! Such simple costumes so perfectly executed! 

Moving on to the full marathon! Generally speaking I love how runners transform the landscape! What was once only the expo grounds was now the "do or die zone" of the marathon! Miles 17-20 at ESPNWWOS! Everyone is in pretty standard running attire, but you have to love the RunningSkirts chevron skirt and heart socks! I have always wanted that skirt!

Around mile 20.5 I ran across these ladies! Dopey to the core! I had to capture their awesomeness! They did Dopey proud ... Stride for stride!

Their smiles made the costumes! Amazing run buddies!

Finally there is my WDW Marathon running Mickey dress! If ever I needed that extra boost I knew Dopey had my back all the way! He helped me get to the finish line where his medal was waiting!

Next time you put a running costume together think about the back. It's a great place to send a special message out to your fellow runners and to hold something close to your heart! 

Send me your pictures and I will add them!

Dani Holmes-Kirk as Snow White

Brandi as Figment
"The Tremaine Sisters had their back bibs PHM they were a HUGE hit. People took back photos." - from Julie

"Here I am, running the Donald Duck half last weekend!"

Emily Bosworth Harmer 
"Here's the back of my costume from Princess Half two years ago."

Deb Strong ‏@dboswo1now
"Hey! I made @emomily5 Emily's sign! She was pregnant with twins ;) 

Had such a fun time as Anastasia and Drizella!"

Lilly Barajas Funny u mentioned this! 

I Just posted our pic on my Instagram from this morning!
#Tink10k run buddies!


  1. My daughter and I will be running PHM. It will be her first half marathon. I want to put something in the back of our shirts, but I'm not sure what! We have cute Rapunzel shirts from Raw Threads that have her blond hair trailing down the back, so I don't want to cover that up. I was thinking I would just use puffy paint, and put Mom and Daughter, ans that it's her first.

  2. Great post and great costumes! I meant to order some vinyl for the back of my Cindy in Rags costume but never got around to it! I did make sure my make it pink/make it blue Aurora costume was as pretty from the back as from the front though. And my Dr. Who costume for Space Coast had Allons-y! on the back. Good point about the perspective, I know I spend the whole race looking at the back of costumes!