Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WDW Fun Run 5K

Before the Fun Run 5k dressed as Elsa from Frozen

The WDW Fun Run 5K was the first leg of the Dopey Challenge! There were 7,000 Dopey runners in a field of 10,000 runners.  I was placed in Corral B for the 5k and the 10k.  Both of these races shared a bib if you were registered for the Dopey Challenge.  The bib was chipped, but it was unclear to me if they were really going to be timing us.  I had never run a runDisney 5k where they timed the runners.  I don't think the other 3,000 runners who were running the 5k and were not Dopey had a timing chip on their bibs.  

In front of the start line before they brought the corrals forward.

Corral B waiting in the corral
(Dark January morning for a 6:15 start)

Anyway...I really did not think much of it and ran the race with a total disregard for my finishing time.  That was until another runner reminded me that Dopey runners were supposed to maintain at least a 16 minute pace.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you think about it, I had already blown the 16 minute pace after waiting 20 plus minutes in the Dopey character line. I calculated that if I ran flat out from Remy in France to the finish I would still exceed the 16 minute pace. So I reassured myself that runDisney would not disqualify all those Dopey runners who waited to see him and I enjoyed the rest of my slowest 5k ever!

My favorite picture from the Fun Run 5K

Runners speeding past the Dopey line

Runners waiting for Dopey
(the line went all the way across the front of Germany
 from left to right)

The best part about waiting in line for Dopey
was waiting with Dopey!

After at least 20 minutes I got my chance with Dopey

Still happily goofing off
forgetting the 16 minute pace requirement

Stopped to do a selfie with the medics
they have bicycles - bicycles are cool!

Run buddies on the course

Does pace matter?
I asked the rats, but they did not know!
Neither did any of the Dopey runners in line waiting for pictures.

Run buddies at the finish line
(I beat Santa! I bet he stopped for Dopey as well.)

With Bob Hitchcock at the finish line!
He liked how much fun everyone was having on the course.

runDisney volunteers make the races happen!
Thanks to my volunteer for a great photo finish!

Your questions:

Competative 5ks? At Disney?
Snow Cream and Syrup @SnowCreamNSyrup
@LoveDisneyRun @runDisney is it possible to run a competitive race? They call it a "fun run" and I have heard its not timed.

Well for the first time ever a runDisney 5k was timed, but only because it was part of the Dopey Challenge. There are only 5k times listed for the Dopey Challengers WDW Marathon weekend. There are no 5k times listed for other runners at either WDW Marathon Weekend or subsequently at Tinkerbell weekend.  So I would say runDisney intends to continue with their un-timed 5Ks.  That said, you can certainly qualify for Corral A with a great qualifying time and run your race from the start of the corral. You will find wide open running from the front and the course is gun timed. 

Characters on the course:
@MPStephanie: "@LoveDisneyRun what characters did you spot?"
The only characters that I passed on were Flik and Princess Atta. They were out between the parking lot and the back entrance to Epcot. They have never had character's outside of Epcot on a 5k course that I am aware of so I was caught off guard not even looking. I thought for a brief second about doubling back, but I let them go. All of the other characters are pictured above.

My Elsa Costume:
Amanda Nichols Bumm Do you make all your running costumes? They are just great!
For the love of Disney running I do Amanda! They are functional and fun! Thanks!
Amanda Nichols Bumm Do you use a pattern or just free style it? I loved your Elsa too!
For the love of Disney running I use a favorite running dress that I bought as a pattern for the base and then I let my creative side run wild! My Elsa was just a long version of the running dress with slits up above the knees on the sides.  The sparkle overlay is just one large square of fabric cut into 2 triangles.  The front triangle was safety pinned to the top of my bra in the center and at the sides of my bra to create a bodice effect.  The back triangle was pinned at my shoulders to give a draping cape effect.  Other runners told me the shimmer could be seen at quite some distance.


  1. I'm loving all your posts about WDW Marathon weekend. I'm usually a lurker and this is my first time commenting. I thought I read on another blog that it's not possible to qualify for an earlier corral in the 5k, although I can't remember if they were talking about the January 5k or a different weekend. They said that it was based on when you registered, so the first people to register were in corral A. Sorry, don't mean to doubt you, but just wanted to confirm that the 5k corrals are based on anticipated finish time. I'm not super competitive, but I would be frustrated if I had to start way in the back. I'm thinking about Dopey as a possibility in 2015.

    1. Lisa - I am pretty sure they use qualifying times for the corral placements at the runDisney 5ks. The use of divided corrals for the 5ks was new in 2013. Up until that point they used one open corral where runners were asked to position themselves based on pace markers along the sides. That method never works very well. There was a twist with the Dopey qualifying times this year. Most Dopey runners felt they were placed too far back in the corrals based upon their submitted qualifying time when compared with other single race runners. Turns out it was generally acknowledged that Dopey Challenge runners had 15 minutes added to their projected finishing times for the purposes of corral placement due to the fact that they were running 4 races and would be slower.

    2. When you register for a runDisney 5k they do ask the following about your pace:

      What is your anticipated pace per mile?
      Under 7 minutes
      7:01 - 9:00 minutes
      9:01 - 11:00 minutes
      11:01 - 13:00 minutes
      13:01 - 16:00 minutes

      To the best of my knowledge the corrals are assigned based upon this selection.

      Here is the link to the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend - Cinderella Royal Family 5K if you would like to take a peek.