Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wine Dine Half Marathon 2014 rainfest

 The Wine & Dine Half Marathon 
aka The Embrace Your Inner Duck Half Marathon!

Rain race hint No 1. These pictures were all shot with my waterproof camera. My iPhone stayed in my Nuu-Muu race dress back pocket 
the entire race inside a plastic bag. 

Hint No. 2 Tuck a poncho through the back of your race belt. 
-Jeff Galloway as demonstrated by Jeff Galloway

Hint No. 3 Enjoy the start of the race - a lot! You will never be this dry again and who knows how many pictures your will really be able to take!

Sure you can capture the fireworks, but can you capture the explosion? 
Boy was that a bright light!

Working our way to the start line.

Hint No. 4 You might want a poncho for the annoying wait in the drizzle pre-race. I checked mine for the after party and went full duck! 

...and the rockets green glare!

 Almost time for my corral!

Hello Carissa & Rudy! Boy did you guys look great! The rain was already starting to kill the speakers. Only speakers near the start and the warm- up area seemed to still be working. The majority of the corral speakers went out! It was already getting wet!

Hint No. 5 I took the graphic of Mickey on the start line as my call to action! Run for the food! Run for the wine! I was time, time, run!

First  photo stop of the race. Don't mind if I do! 
Boy those bear costumes are going to get heavy!!!

 Hint No. 6 During a rainy race the big white ball lights don't always signal character stops. runDisney seemed to put almost every light they had available out on the course. Which was a very good thing. There were also a could of clear character stops without characters. 
Yes Virginia it really was too wet for some of the characters.

These two lovely fairies stayed out the whole time and did not seem to give a hoot about the rain! What a blessing!

Hint No. 7 If it is going to be too wet for your costume change your costume. I was going to run as a chef with my Nuu-Muu Espresso running dress, a Chef Mickey hat, and a few kitchen tools. I kept the dress and embraced my inner duck! I found a Mickey antenna topper complete with a yellow Disney Parks poncho and stick it on a Mickey pen.  It perfectly defined my rain race and gave me a fun focal point that got me through the race! 

Poncho Mickey helped me get through the race in style!

So my feet stayed dry until about mile 3. Just as they were starting to get damp I decided to try and take a picture with the turtle in the Animal Kingdom parking lot. I stepped in the soaker of all soaker puddles and my feet were wet from them on! 

 Another bound to be heavy costume! I don't know how they did it!

Animal Kingdom at last! 

Hint No. 8 When running a race soaking wet in 60 degree weather be very mindful of your core temperature. I really goofed off in AK as you are about to see. When I felt my core temperature falling I knew I needed to run for at least a mile straight to bring it back up again. My motto is I must be able to rescue myself. Be mindful of your body at all times!

At least they gave him an umbrella! 

I could not resist a picture in my favourite orange tuk tuk! 

The lights though Asia looked so festive and beautiful!
AK in the dark is amazing!!!

Being able to get out of the rain for a moment to visit
with the characters was a blessing! 

I was going for "poncho Mickey takes over Jack's ship!"

Jack and Barbosa were probably the least happy characters along the course, but I guess that is not too out of character.
They definitely were not going to touch any of the runners! 

My sister caught up to me as I was stopping at see Jack! We were able to run together for a mile or so before I needed a potty stop. I really appreciated the Lion King cast out under the parking lot entrance at AK! It turned out to be our only picture together on the course. Thanks for being there for us one and all! 

The green army man is always a must stop!
He is a real motivator out on the course! 

Rocking' Roller Coaster! You know what that means!
Hollywood Studios!!!

...and a ton of selfies due to all the amazing neon and holiday lights in HS! 

I knew I would be stopping for a picture with Mickey's hat no matter what! I was going for a selfie when a Disney cast member offered to take my picture. He put down his umbrella and took my favourite picture of the entire race! 

A dry spot! Don't mind if I do...get out of the rain for a moment! 

This section of the course caught me completely off guard last year!
Disco balls, fog machine and music almost kicked me to the curb last year.
This year it was a dry stretch! 

This character spot really surprised me!
The Incredibles where not incredible enough to be out in the rain!
I took it to mean that we were even more incredible!
Added bonus: I really love my Edna shadow!

Here we go everyone! The moment everyone looks forward to!
The Osbourn Light Spectacular! 

The lights looked even more spectacular in the rain!
The reflections were beautiful.

The let the holiday dancers get out of the rain under a building awning! 

I tried not to linger too long among the lights.
Core temp falling and I needed to get going again!

I have a Pluto over my shoulder! 

When at the Crossroads take a picture! 

No pictures between HS and Epcot tells the real story!
Those were just get it done miles if I have ever known them!
The volunteer support through that stretch was welcome and appreciated. 

A wonderful boy who was cheering near Spaceship Earth offered to take my picture. He was only the second person who offered the entire race. His mother was worried that he might not have done a good job. I praised that kid! He did an incredible job. Just having someone offer to do something for me when I was dripping wet, past midnight, 12.75 miles of running later, made my race!

Here it is! The bring me home moment! The lights, the lights they're calling! 

We did it! We did it! Poncho Mickey made it across the finish line! I might have to put my Mickey size W&D medal on him! 

Okay so we ran the 13.1 and got our medals, next up the after party!
Bring on the Wine & Dine!

I stopped for a couple of shots at the official finishers banner
before claiming my gear and getting dry! 

Hint No. 9 Sometimes you race for the medal and sometimes you race for the Mylar blanket. I knew I was racing for that blanket from the moment I left AK! I might have broken down in the finish line shoot if they did not have them! Yes that was the last part of my rescue me plan. I would have needed medical if that blanket was not waiting for me. Always take the blanket!!!

Nuu-Muu provided me with my dresses for the half marathon and the 5k runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend. I received no other compensation and all of my thoughts are my own. 
The rain was just a bonus!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#DisneyKids Twitter Party

Last night Maria Bailey and Amy Bair hosted the 3rd #DisneyKids twitter party for Disney Parks. There was plenty of fun to be had and five gift prizes for randomly selected participants. The topics ranged from favorite characters and attractions, to the fun Frozen summer happenings at Hollywood Studios, but my favorite topic was saved for last.  Here is the tweet that started the memories flowing!

Maria Bailey ‏@MomTalkRadio  “Tell @Resourcefulmom your favorite Disney memory from back when you were #DisneyKids! #disneykids

I took the time to capture them all because they are amazing! They get at why we all love Disney so much and why we want to share it with our #DisneyKids!

So here we go...

Kathy K ‏@kathyk671  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom My mom is gone now, so I enjoy remembering things she loved: Country Bears, Small World, Pirates. #DisneyKids

James & Lisa Cameron ‏@homeisthemouse  “If you're planning on taking your preschooler to @DisneyParks be sure to head to  for some great tips! #DisneyKids

MouseQuest Podcast ‏@MQPodcast  “@ResourcefulMom My favorite memory was playing for the longest time at Image Works. Loved that Rainbow Tunnel! #DisneyKids

Mary ‏@leyn16  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom I used to watch little mermaid with my friends and pretending we were her at the pool lol #DisneyKids

kathy bp ‏@KathysSavings  @MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom I loved watching all the Disney movies and shows! #DisneyKids

sherry bracy ‏@sherrybracy  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom anyone remember the black & white mickey cartoons?? NOW thats way back! #DisneyKids #disneykids

The Infinity Dad ‏@theinfinitydad  “@ResourcefulMom @MomTalkRadio @TheWendyWright took me to Disneyland for the 1st time at 29. I rode Star Tours and Indiana Jones #DisneyKids

Lauren ‏@sarcasticmuch21  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom going to the tower or terror for the first time!! #DisneyKids

LovePeaceandTinyFeet ‏@LovePeaceMommy  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom I was about 7 and I remember flipping out when I met Mickey Mouse! #DisneyKids

Katie Mitchell ‏@Zumba_KatieNB  “@Resourcefulmom I can remember going to see Bambi at the movie theatre with my mom. It still makes me cry, but I love it. #DisneyKids

Heather Kraus ‏@KrausHouseMom  “@ResourcefulMom My mom ordered the Disco Duck record for me and I wore it out. #DisneyKids

Riya Biswas ‏@jia_biswas  “@MomTalkRadio @Resourcefulmom My mom hated Donald, she did not understand his words and I bought his soft toy #DisneyKids

Penny G ‏@OnTheGoOc  “@MomTalkRadio Always ! In the car, in the snack bag, in the parks and in our lives.. we #loveDisney ! #DisneyKids

Kristen Ray ‏@WritersWife_Ray  “@ResourcefulMom When my mom lost my brothers jacket but swore no! But we had a pic of her in front of haunted mansion with it! #DisneyKids

maddie m ‏@2maddiemouse  “@ResourcefulMom My favorite Disney memory is spending Sunday evening watching the Wonderful World of Disney movies on TV #DisneyKids

Amie* ‏@Amielove7  “@ResourcefulMom Oh wow ! I was in my twenties, but I felt like a kid, love that about Disney! #DisneyKids

J Essad ‏@4jlessad  “@ResourcefulMom I was 12 when the park first opened #DisneyKids

Maria Bailey ‏@MomTalkRadio  “And remember to head to  before heading to Disney Parks with your preschoolers #disneykids

Priscilla Mommy ‏@shortcakesdiary  “@ResourcefulMom wow that's cool! I went the first Time in 1990 #DisneyKids

MyMemphisMommy ‏@mymemphismommy  “@ResourcefulMom I remember going to character breakfast and being so excited to see Goofy. #disneykids

️Erica️ ‏@runitbymom  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom going to Disneyland preggo! Want to take my daughter soon #DisneyKids

Melissa ‏@SippyCupMom  “@MomTalkRadio Always! Literally - Disney Movies Anywhere is always with us on the go, ha! #DisneyKids

Heather Kelly ‏@matthewsmommy  “@ResourcefulMom I was 4 too when I first remember riding on Dumbo with my dad!!! I grew up in Southern CA! #Disneykids

NW Bargains ‏@nwbargains  “@ResourcefulMom My most memorable would be the first time I took my kids to Disney World. The 3 of us had a BLAST! #disneykids

Rachel Fuller ‏@RubyTusdae  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom I have never been to Disney World. fav thing getting Ariel doll @ Xmas :) #Disneykids

Judy L ‏@motherearth2000  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom Watching lady and the tramp, swearing I wll never watch it again! but I did when I had my daughter #Disneykids

Lara N ‏@twiceblessdlife  “Mom took me to Disneyland when I was 2 & when I was 5, I still had my Mickey ears, but they were falling apart! @ResourcefulMom #DisneyKids

Alena Pidala ‏@Aseg710  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom Everything Lion King! It was my favorite movie as a child! #hakunamatata #DisneyKids

justJENN ‏@justjenn  “@Resourcefulmom My favorite Disney memory is going on the "big" rides for the first time. Still just as fun and thrilling! #DisneyKids

Dawn Cullo ‏@DawnCullo  “.@ResourcefulMom favorite memory was riding Big Thunder Rail Road with my dad. #DisneyKids

Melissa Hillier ‏@jonahbonah  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom We would watch the Disney movie every Sunday night together as a family! #disneykids

Liza @ VFtV ‏@LMC502  “@Resourcefulmom Seeing Cinderella Castle for the very first time at age 6! So awe-inspiring :) #DisneyKids

Tiffany Sabin ‏@TiffanySabin  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom I remember seeing a reissue of Snow White in theaters. I had a total Snow White phase as a kid! #DisneyKids

Penny G ‏@OnTheGoOc  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom Going with my parents and we would always get a Mickey Head Ice Cream! I get them for our kids now! #DisneyKids

_Starrfire_ ‏@starrfire1228  “@ResourcefulMom going to WDW with my grandpa and grandma. My grandpa passed away 5 years ago, so it's an extra precious memory #DisneyKids

Erin Williams ‏@LoveDisneyRun  “I loved the afternoon showers @WaltDisneyWorld! You always discovered something new staying dry! @MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom #DisneyKids

sherry bracy ‏@sherrybracy  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom Its A Small World! Unbelievable with all those outfits and dolls! Amazing! #disneykids

Racheal Langley ‏@brdk620  “@Resourcefulmom I remember the first time my mom realized I knew every word to oneinderella songs. My grandma come to listen! #disneykids

Nicole B ‏@nikki2kids  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom I loved when Disney shows came on tv! It made my night as a kid #DisneyKids

Heather Kraus ‏@KrausHouseMom  “@ResourcefulMom I watched Bambi from the back of the car while my parents watched another movie at the drive-in. #DisneyKids

James & Lisa Cameron ‏@homeisthemouse  “Watching classic Disney movies like Snow White and Mary Poppins @momtalkradio @ResourcefulMom #DisneyKids

Emily ‏@EastSeattleMama  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom I always watch Disney Rocks before school as a kid. Dreamed of being on the Mickey Mouse clubhouse! #DisneyKids

Riya Biswas ‏@jia_biswas  “@MomTalkRadio @Resourcefulmom Oh I wanted all the soft toys Disney made and got Donald, she hated him #DisneyKids

Jamie (TigerStrypes) ‏@satrntgr  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom My favorite memory is watching The Fox and the Hound :) #DisneyKids

Kate ‏@Dizkrazkate  “@ResourcefulMom #DisneyKids Marching down Main Street USA with my Fife and Drum Corps! Magic Music Days summer 1989!”

Breeze Leonard ‏@TEXASMOM2THREE  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom I remember the only good part of being sick was being able to stay home to watch my Disney movies! #DisneyKids

Lyssareads ‏@lyssareads  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom Reading the little Disney books with my mom. Still have a few of them! #disneykids

Melissa Hillier ‏@jonahbonah  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom I remember going to WDW on my 6th grade field trip. Going with friends was so fun! #DisneyKids

Meadow ‏@babymeadow  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom first time seeing a Disney movie in theaters!!! It was Pocahontas!! #DisneyKids

Maria Bailey ‏@MomTalkRadio  “I hope where ever your summer adventures may take you, you bring a bit of Disney magic along for the ride! #disneykids

Emneris D. ‏@PhillyMomDiary  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom getting to do a duet with my big brother to A Whole New World for our elementary school choir. #DisneyKids

Toni B ‏@rychepet  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom My first Disney movie at the theater was Snow White (NOT original release) :) #DisneyKids

Donna Natale ‏@DonnaNatale66  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom Seeing that castle in the Magic Kingdom for the first time was just magical #DisneyKids

Susan Pazera ‏@SusanPazera  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom My favorite memory is seeing Cinderella's Castle for the 1st time. It took my breath away! #DisneyKids

Lynn Wiltse ‏@PixieDustDiary  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom thanks for another fun #DisneyKids chat! Always a good time. So glad @4TheDisneyKids reminded me :)”

Nicole K ‏@techmomogy  “One new year's eve, we went to the best party in Epcot. I will always remember that! @ResourcefulMom @MomTalkRadio #disneykids

Summer I ‏@LLLSummer  “@MomTalkRadio @Resourcefulmom It was just a few years ago, took my friend to Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween for her birthday #DisneyKids

Kevin Elak ‏@kjmaje  “@ResourcefulMom my first Disney trip was my senior year in high school. I don't remember much! #DisneyKids

Lesa Moats ‏@lesaann98  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom just watching Disney TV with my grandmother never been there yet :( #disneykids

Amy S ‏@Queenof5guys  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom seeing tinker bell fly from the magic castle #DisneyKids

Bridget Williams ‏@Mizvanilla  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom The day I got to "meet" Mickey Mouse, we were poor so this was a special, a Magical day for me #disneykids

James & Lisa Cameron ‏@homeisthemouse  “Since I didn't got to WDW until 22, it has to be my love for Pooh! Still my favorite! @momtalkradio @ResourcefulMom #DisneyKids

Amy Lupold Bair ‏@ResourcefulMom  “You want me to go WAY back? I remember my first stay at the Poly when I was four! My #DisneyKids roots are deep!”

Mommaof4girlies ‏@mommaof4girlies  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom Watching the little mermaid with my 2nd grade friends @ a sleepover #disneykids

Nicole B ‏@nikki2kids  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom watching Disney movies with my mom #DisneyKids

Tiffany C ‏@sweetmatcha  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom baking Mickey Mouse cookies for our neighbors #DisneyKids

lorene d ‏@lorene4too  “@Resourcefulmom I went for the 1st time in 1969 when it was so new !! #disneykids

Chyna Doll ‏@Chynadoll2love  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom going to Disney World and riding the horror hotel elevator #DisneyKids

Melissa ‏@SippyCupMom  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom Watching The Lion King over and over, acting out Disney movies with my cousins... #DisneyKids

amy stonger ‏@astonger  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom always loved watching mickey mouse! #DisneyKids

Kuleen ‏@4TheDisneyKids  “@Resourcefulmom #DisneyKids I remember getting stuck on the People Mover at Disneyland and having to walk out.”

Kristina W. ‏@RagdollKitty87  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom Going to Disneyland when I was 5 and dressing up as Alice #disneykids

ReadWriteRed ‏@ReadWriteRed  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom #DisneyKids riding the racetrack ride with my family.”

NW Bargains ‏@nwbargains  “@ResourcefulMom My first Disney memory was going to get my picture taken with Mickey. That was about 40 years ago! #disneykids


Kami ‏@TheMommaDiaries  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom cheer-leading competition! On the Indiana Jones stage!! So incredible!! #disneykids

Wendy Wright ‏@TheWendyWright  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom My father took me to Disneyland for the very first time to meet Cinderella. #DisneyKids

Maria Bailey ‏@MomTalkRadio  “Thanks to everyone for joining in on the #DisneyKids fun tonight! #disneykids

Lauren ‏@LaBlaHa @MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom The character breakfast was my favorite! #DisneyKids

Disney Mama Lin ‏@DisneyMamaLin  “@ResourcefulMom Riding the Skyway with my Nana & cousin in 1992! #DisneyKids

Dawn Nieves ‏@ANewDawnnBlog  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom all my favorites are my memories with my son! #DisneyKids

Julie Benthall ‏@jewels0426  “@ResourcefulMom My favorite memory is The Lion King! #DisneyKids

Tiffany C ‏@sweetmatcha  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom #DisneyKids enjoying Mickey Mouse ice cream with my parents!”

Racheal Langley ‏@brdk620 @MomTalkRadio @Resourcefulmom My favorite memory is watching Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. Singing along with every song! #DisneyKids

Lori ‏@loriann978 @MomTalkRadio @Resourcefulmom My favorite memories include It's a Small World. Always held a special place in my own #DisneyKids heart!”

Heather ‏@makeupdiva111  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom I have never been but I had a minnie mouse stuffie that I still have to this day! #DisneyKids

Chyna Doll ‏@Chynadoll2love  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom singing a whole new world from Little Mermaid #DisneyKids

The Infinity Dad ‏@theinfinitydad  “@MomTalkRadio I still want to, Try the grey stuff, It's delicious whenever we get to Walt Disney World. #DisneyKids

Yolanda ‏@flowergirlcraft  “@MomTalkRadio @ResourcefulMom sitting down and watching Walt on TV #DisneyKids

Maria Bailey ‏@MomTalkRadio  “Tell @Resourcefulmom your favorite Disney memory from back when you were #DisneyKids! #disneykids

Friday, July 11, 2014

Do you want to tell a Disney story?

I've been #DisneyDreaming about crowd sourcing the #PerfectDisneyDay story! So here goes! Let's tell a story. No limits! Time, location, money, weather, distance, nothing matters! Everything is on the table.

Let's start with Magic Kingdom!

My  starts w/ a trip under the  sign! Caution runners! Speed bumps ahead! 

Your #PerfectDisneyDay tweets will be added here according to their Disney Park location.