Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rock 'n' Roll Providence - The Race!

August 19th I ran Rock 'n' Roll Providence after working the expo the day before for RunningSkirts!  I got to the race start with plenty of time and was able to park in one of the State lots with no problem.  I headed down the hill to get ready for the race.  There were something like 3,500 runners.  A significant group, but less than last year.  Thankfully there was less rain than last year!  In fact the weather was perfect (upper 60s).

Check out that start line!

Once we all got in our corrals we looked like a significant running party!

I don't know about you all, but I have never run with a pace group and I was starting to wonder if I should try it out!  Well there was a 1:45 and a 2:00 pace group and I was somewhere in the middle.  I had submitted an estimated finish time of 2:00 so that put me in corral 4.  The 2:00 pace group was also in corral 4.  So that was the pace group I would be with if I wanted to try it out.  The 1:45 pace group was in corral 2 so that was not going to work.  Anyway I ran close to the 2 hour pace group through mile 3.  I was carrying water and fuel on my belt, so when they slowed down around mile 3 for water I decided to just keep going.  I figured that if they caught back up to me I would just fall back in with the group.  The result was that I got a great 3 mile warm up and then I headed of at my own pace.

Finish line medal shot!

Happy runner across the finish line!
In the end I PR'ed the course! I finished in 1:54:52! I had a fantastic run.  I was giving thumbs up to all the bands along the course and loving every moment of it!  It really helped that I had pre-run the route 2 weeks prior.  If you are ever looking for a mental edge, pre-run the course.  Then on race day you will know every hill and turn on the course.  Nothing will scare you and you will own the course!  Okay that seems really powerful...because it is.  Power to the runner who knows the course!

Yes I rocked Rock 'n' Roll Providence
...and my Running Skirt
...and my Mickey in Training runDisney skirt
...and my race bib
...and...and...and it was fantastic all around!

After the race I met up with a great group of runners!  Linda Bachand-Doucet set up a wonderful post-race cookout right behind the stage! I may have been the only non Half Maniac in the group!  I need to check into that!  Anyway we all enjoyed her offerings including the police officers working the event.  Thanks Linda (Lady Gaga)! You rock!     
Until next time...Fairy Dust and Pixie Wings Forever!

Steamboat Willie 5k (virtual run) Aug 25th

Calling all my "for the love of Disney running" e-team pals!  Today is the day for our virtual Steamboat Willie 5K!  I headed out this morning with Linda Bachand-Doucet to do our 5k at 7 am.  We met on the East Bay Bike Path in East Providence, Rhode Island and set out on our way after pinning on our bibs and taking a few photos!

Here is the bib blank if you want to get in on this action!

I colored mine in for a little more fun
and even laminated it to protect it from  getting soaked with sweat!

Before the run at the meet-up spot.
Like Ketchup and Mustard we set out on our run!

We ran along the water.

Past the Squantum Club!

We had a few friends out there with us.


Happy runners after we finished!
Linda brought along we had a nice post race snack.  Then I was off to grab my youngest and hit the soccer field for the first game.  I can't wait to see everyone's photos!

If you want to register yourself come on over to FB "for the love of Disney running!"  We would love to have more runners on our team!

Here is who is already registered:

Steamboat Willie Virtual 5k
August 25th

Providence: Erin Williams, Linda Bachand-Doucet
Orlando: Shelley Bowles, Nicole Griffith
Tampa: Lisa Decker
Panama City: Jenn Jacobus, Vicoria Dunn
South Florida: Nicole Zengen, Teala Vandeven, Jennifer Golden
Missouri (SE): Kathy Carter
Atlanta: Elyn Megargee Macek, Danielle Swanson
South Carolina: Regan Levitt
North Carolina: Jodi Granata
Baltimore: Deb Strong
Delaware: Jennifer Acord
Virginia: Nina Fleischauer
Pennsylvania: Tracy Bowers
Connecticut: Carolyn Shea, Deanna DonFrancisco
New York City: Jennifer Tara
Indiana: Monique Wilson
Michigan: Michelle Franz Vincent
Detroit: Janie Kelp
Louisville, KY: Julie Gliessner
Nebraska: Jamie Plucker
Utah: Natalie McHenry
Apple Valley, CA: Terry Millette
Pasadena, CA: Mary Camona
Murrirta, CA: Melissa Mayorgas & son!
Toronto, Canada: Constance Metcalfe
Brittany Gonzales
Brenda Walker
Jessica Reinschmidt
Christy Pitchford
Haley Chambers
Nicole Decker

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rock 'n' Roll Providence - The Expo

You may already know this, but I love race expos! Today was my first time actually working an expo. I was given the opportunity to work the RunningSkirts booth at the Rock 'n' Roll Providence expo and I went for it! It was one year ago at the same expo when I was first introduced to their skirts.  I went to the expo just to check them out, even though I was only volunteering for the race.

The expo was a lot of work but we also had a ton of fun.  I really like talking to people about running and running gear.  The subject matter was very diverse! I could not have predicted I would discuss nursing and running tops at the beginning of the day, but the ladies I was talking with were very happy about the conversation.

Kelsey and her relay mate!
They actually have to carry  the drumsticks to exchange.

Aimee looking very festive at the expo. must be a head taller than I am!
Put that height to good use in the morning!
I am going to be looking for those run buns!

Now I am home fueling and getting ready for tomorrow.  So off to prep for the morning and to bed with me. See you all in the am when we get our race on!  Happy running!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Catch a Wave - Sidewalk Surfin Triathlon

This morning my sister said she wanted to do a mini beach triathlon.  She had in mind a 5k run, 5k bike ride and a pool swim.  We upped the swim to a sound splash.  Of course it was so shallow that I was either dragging my bum doing the back stroke or hitting my knees with the breast stroke.  But we had fun and my body is now very relaxed!

She thought the street name was perfect!

It is a sunny day down here and she was making me laugh.
This is a pre-run shot.

Every now and then you take an action shot you never intended to take,
but you really like it! This is one of those!

Out on the bikes with my sister.

"Movin' right along.
Footloose and fancy-free.
Getting there is half the fun; come share it with me."
So where are the swim pictures?  Well we did not have a photographer with us and I was not taking the camera out no sound pictures.  We had a crazy fun swim.  My sister was very skittish about the crunchy bottom and the crabs having had a bad experience in the past.  I was determined to actually swim even if it was incredibly shallow.  I don't know if it ever got deeper.  I turned around after a while and swam back in as far as I could until I was forced to walk again...Triathlon completed!  Why the name?  Well that was the song bits that just kept repeating in my head!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 Miler in the Morning

It was a runDisney "in training" kind of morning!  I put on my Mickey and RunningSkirt and headed out the door with my camera in hand and my parents in tow!  Well they weren't quite in fact they were here there and everywhere on their rental beach bikes keeping me company as we went.

We headed out on the sound side path and road so I could get in a few morning miles before another day at the beach.  In the end we made it 5 miles and once again I was totally soaked.  These are pure waterfall runs with sweat running off me the entire way!

This is a very runner and cyclist friendly beach community.  Most people do there core exercise in the morning and then cross-train the day away.  There is so much to do: taking on the waves or walking on the beach, riding bikes, hiking the dunes at Jockey Ridge, swimming in the pool.

We are going to bed earlier and earlier as the days are taking everything we have to give. Maybe that is just me! I was asleep at 9 pm last night, but up again at 5:30 ready to hit it!  I am just more of a morning person when it comes to vacation.  I am also a nap person. Exercise, food and sleep - that is pretty much what makes my world go round!

They have done a good job in recent years of putting in multi-use paths to connect runner/cyclist friendly road ways. 

They are very good about marking the roads.

There are periodic reminders on the road so you remember which town you are in.

Monday, August 13, 2012

OBX Half Marathon plus 2 miles

First Flight!

This morning we headed out to do 15 miles one way.  We started up in Kitty Hawk and headed toward S. Nags Head, North Carolina.  It was still dark when we headed out, but it was already warm.  I went through 4 bottles of water by the end of the run.  I was in a full body sweat the whole time! Welcome to running in 80+ percent humidity in the 75-85 degree temp range.

Tinker Bell is alive and well in North Carolina!

Wright Brothers Memorial - Let's run the hill!

We were not the only ones with the idea.
 Sunrise from the monument is spectacular!

Kinda like this only better in person!

National Park Service buildings and the flight path of the first flight.

Good morning Wilber!

There we are at the top!

Happy sisters!

This sculpture is my favorite part of the park.  Let's go check it out.

Levers and pulleys, wood and canvas

When in the Outer Banks drink like a local.
We were in the mood for water and Gatorade.

Best local fish market for the evening meal.
It is not dinner without some fresh fish from the market.

We stuck to the bike path as our running guide.
What is good for the bikes is good for the runners.
Who knows where tomorrows run will take us.  Check back and see!