Friday, December 30, 2016


Sometimes when you go to check out one thing you discover another! Such was the case yesterday when we went to explore the University of Richmond even though it was closed. It was a beautiful day for a stroll around campus.

After our stroll we let the kid pick a lunch spot close to campus. It was a good choice. Next up was a coffee place before we headed out of town. For that we headed over to the Carytown neighborhood to find a coffee and tea place that stood out because it was not paired with doughnuts or ice cream. Rostov's Coffee and Tea on W Main St filled the entire block with the most amazing aroma! But that was not the first thing I noticed when I stepped out of the car! 

Across the street from Rostov's is an incredible mural by Jerk Face. Of course it caught my's Mickey! It is part of the Richmond Mural Project. After we returned home I checked out his Instagram account. What an amazing artist! 

The artist at work (from his Instagram account).

Friday, December 23, 2016


I'm known to enjoy a good Twitter chat/party, especially when the topic includes running and Disney! So when Cigna held their most recent Cigna Run Together Chat I quite enjoyed participating. What follows is a recap of some of the Q&A as well as General comments. It is full of great advice leading into runDisney Marathon week! 

Cigna: "Welcome to the #CignaRunTogetherChat! We’re talking final @runDisney race preparation in just few minutes w/ @JeffGalloway!"

LoveDisneyRun: "Waving at @JeffGalloway before we officially begin! #cignaruntogetherchat #rundisney"

Cigna: "Do we have any veteran runners today? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "My #rundisney racing started in 2009, but I began racing in 2000. I'm more of a #RunningTourist than a veteran racer. #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "Let’s get started! You are what you eat on race day. How should you fuel your body the day of the #WDWMarathon race? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "The morning of the #WDWMarathon I'll eat two small breakfasts. Something as I'm getting dressed and then on the way! #cignaruntogetherchat"

JeffGalloway: "Breakfast should be minimal and easy to digest.During the race,I reccomend 30-40calories of a sugar product every 2 mi.#CignaRunTogetherChat"

JeffGalloway: "During the race, use blood sugar snacks that have worked for you on long runs! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

Cigna: "Is #runDisney #WDWMarathon your 1st race? has more tips! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "The #WDWMarathon would be quite a grand way to kick off your racing career! Anyone doing so should read the tips! #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "Get ready the night before by laying out your outfit and packing a change of clothes. #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "Don't forget to attach your race number to your race outfit! Your race will go ever so much more smoothly w/ your bib! #cignaruntogetherchat"

JeffGalloway: "If the temp. is above 60f, wear a visor - not a hat. Below 60f, hats are ok! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "Good advice! Any early weather predictions @JeffGalloway? The #DopeyChallenge inaugural year was so amazing! #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "Florida weather can be ever-changing. Wear layers that are easy to shed. #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "If you are shedding layers on the course shed wisely! Drop them near a mile marker or photo spot for easy cleanup. #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "Q3: Sleep can make all the difference. Are you getting enough to cross the #runDisney #WDWMarathon finish line? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "A3 I set a time to be in my later than 7 pm. It makes winding down for an early bedtime easier. #cignaruntogetherchat #rundisney"

Cigna: "Volunteers are a vital part of the race, so don’t forget to thank them as they cheer you on! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "Race day is longer for the volunteers than for the runners! They are reporting for service as runners are waking up! #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "@AchillesIntl athletes & guides will be wearing yellow. Cheer them on when you see them! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

Cigna: "We’d love to see your photo, but save sharing until after the race or step aside so you don’t get hurt! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "I'm a big fan of posting photos while you wait to see the next character on the course! #cignaruntogetherchat"

Cigna: "Q5: Sometimes we all “hit the wall.” How do you overcome it? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "If you "hit the wall" play mental games! Which wall did you hit? Cinderella's or Sleeping Beauties... And so forth! #cignaruntogetherchat"

LoveDisneyRun: "A5 let your mind play in the world of Disney! Run through the plot of a movie! Name the rides in a park! #rundream #cignaruntogetherchat"

JeffGalloway: "Whatever you save in resources by going out slowly in the beginning will allow you to feel strong at the end!  #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "Cross that finish line happy and ready to celebrate! #CignaRunTogetherChat @JeffGalloway"

JeffGalloway: "Restrain your enthusiasm! Excitement can make you want to go too fast early on, leaving you wiped. Try to relax! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "The story of my @ChiMarathon! The crowd support was outstanding the entire race, but all that enthusiasm drove my pace too fast too early!"

Cigna: "Q6: Trying to beat your personal record (PR) at the #runDisney #WDWMarathon? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "A6 I PR in categories like most photos taken! #runfun #runDisney #WDWMarathon #CignaRunTogetherChat"

Cigna: "Q7: Congrats, you did it! But hold on, you’re not quite done. How should you recover from the #runDisney #WDWMarathon? #CignaRunTogetherChat"

LoveDisneyRun: "A7 hydrate, fuel, and get your legs up! You'll find me against a tent tie down on my back w/ my legs up...snacking! #CignaRunTogetherChat"

NextLevelAtFit: "A massage is a good way to reward yourself and at the same time you're relaxing and repairing your muscles.

LoveDisneyRun: "That's why I carry two $10s during the race! Post race massages make a body feel better! #CignaRunTogetherChat @NextLevelAtFit #runDisney"

JeffGalloway: "Eat a carb-heavy meal within 30 minutes so your body can refuel. #CignaRunTogetherChat"

NextLevelAtFit: "Don't sit after the race, keep your blood flowing. Keep walking around for at least 10 minutes.

LoveDisneyRun: "Thanks @cigna, @NextLevelAtFit, and @JeffGalloway for a fun #CignaRunTogetherChat! See you real soon! #WDWMarathon #runDisney"

See you real soon at runDisney!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

RunDisney Volunteering - Never Land 5k

This year's runDisney races are all about new experiences for me! New-to-me and inaugural race weekends that bring new courses and new run fun! 

I registered relatively late for Tink Half Marathon weekend! In fact only the half was still open. I made the choice to try and volunteer rather than buy 5k and 10k bibs from a travel agent. Luckily I bought into this weekend before volunteer registration opened. I was able to pick up a shift for both early morning races. I did not realize how early they would be however.

On Fiday I was up at 1:15 and waiting in the volunteer line at Frontieer Tower at the Disneyland Hotel by 2 am! Everyone was surprisingly awake. In fact they had to try and keep us quiet. Caution volunteers: guests sleeping overhead! 

At checkin they assigned us our tasks for the morning. The community groups were assigned to water and food stations. The unaffiliated volunteers who showed up early were assigned to medals! I was both and as a result one happy volunteer! 

The volunteers unwrap and hange all the medals the morning of the event. The plastic medals are significantly easier. They are not bubble wrapped and they are light weight. Plus out of all 3 days we had the fewest number to unwrap. 

It was really amazing to be in the finish line area as everyone came across! I snapped a few pictures here and there, and finishers snapped a few pictures of their own. Mostly we were just sharing in the runners magic one medal at a time. I got to give a few of you your medals personally (which was amazing) and I got to check out so many costumes and race outfits. Best of all I got to look into the faces of the runners and see first hand what the experience meant to each of them! 

The winner of the Never Land 5k - Kellie Nickerson -
checking out her medal after a fast flying trip through the parks! 

My runDisney volunteer and friend Paula Kim!
In a roll reversal I got to volunteer for her race! (Thanks for the picture Paula)

The @RunAllTheRaces ladies!
(Gail Savidge far left and Kimberly Markey far right)

It was an amazing experience all around. 4000+ runners finished so quickly! After the last runner received her medal we set about closing down the medal station. Each medal had to be accounted for and bundled back up for safe keeping. 

Once our morning task was complete I headed straight for a warm breakfast and a nap! A fun afternoon lay ahead followed by another volunteer shift at the 10k

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the 4th Be With You


You know that feeling when you see something and think it's perfect! That's what I thought the other day at the fabric store! I went shopping for a great Tinker Bell luck on that front, but another great fabric jumped out at me!

I liked it so much that you'll be seeing it this weekend! 

Safe travels #TinkHalf weekend #runDisney runners and fans! See you real soon at Disneyland!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tink Half Marathon weekend runDisney race merchandise: to buy or not tobuy

At this point I am kind of surprised #runDisney posted pictures of the #TinkHalf race merchandise. They could have just surprised us all at the expo. It would have been interesting to see how that would have changed things. Maybe less secondary market sales. Maybe better behavior at the expo. I see a couple of things I may want. We will have to see how it all plays out! 

#TinkHalf jacket & hat.

#TinkHalf weekend "I did it" shirts!

New PANDORA charms that are perfect for #TinkHalf race weekend, but not #runDisney specific.

#TinkHalf weekend phone covers. Has anyone actually gotten a #runDisney race weekend phone cover?

That little Dooney & Bourke on the right is my belated birthday present! #TinkHalf

I am more of a #runDisney race weekend mug girl. That said I might just take a pass on this one.

So what do you think? What's on your shopping list?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

LoveDisneyRun Tumblr

Please follow my runDisney, fitness, food, travel, family fun loving escapades over on my LoveDisneyRun Tumblr blog!

I have realized over the years that I am much more of a micro-blogger! I live in the moment and plan on reflecting upon those moments captured across my various social media platforms on my Tumblr account.

See you real soon at WDW for #StarWarsHalf weekend and at DLR for #TinkHalf weekend!  New #runDisney adventures await!