Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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I have realized over the years that I am much more of a micro-blogger! I live in the moment and plan on reflecting upon those moments captured across my various social media platforms on my Tumblr account.

See you real soon at WDW for #StarWarsHalf weekend and at DLR for #TinkHalf weekend!  New #runDisney adventures await!  


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cinderella full of courage and kindness

Have courage, be kind, and curtsy more often! Saying thank you is all too often forgotten. Simple gestures full of meaning! 
~ My Cinderella adaptation

The movie itself is nothing shy of spectacular! I suspect I will be dancing through life humming for quite some time! If you should run into me and find me to be still in this state, please by all means join me! If you need a little nudging of your own to achieve this grand condition...please do go see the movie! We can curtsy to one another and go about life with courage and kindness in our hearts! 

When meeting a princess is real life do be gracious! They must be full of courage and kindness to greet so many runDisney runner! As quickly as we try to make the character lines move, I do always try and remember to say thank you! Our race effort is surpassed by their patience! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

College kids have a #DisneySide too

The majority of the items used at this party were provided free of charge with the party kit.  
All of the thoughts and comments are my own.  

Back in early January I had just set off on my runDisney Dopey Challenge journey 2.0 when I learned that I had been picked to throw a Disney Side at Home Celebration.  I was selected to throw a tween/teen party and there were plenty of ideas swirling through my head! I have a tween and a teen of my own at home, but I also have a whole work crew of teen/early 20 somethings at work.  I decided that as a reward for a second academic trimester well completed we would have a Disney Side celebration on the second to last Friday of the academic trimester.  

Oh I forgot to mention it was a villains themed party on Friday the 13th!!!

I am a tweeter at heart so here is a recap of our party told in 140 character bites or less 
with a little extra added for fun!

@LoveDisneyRun: Started my day with a villainous #DisneySide @ Home Celebration 
unboxing party with my college students! 

@LoveDisneyRun: Nothing like setting a groups of college students free
to show their villainous side at a #DisneySide @ Home Celebration.

@LoveDisneyRun: Here are a few ideas for #DisneySide @ Home Celebration!
Disney bingo, quotes and attractions match-up...

@LoveDisneyRun: ...character word search, pin the smile on Mickey, party banners,
food labels, and Disney trivia! #sponsored #DisneySide @ Home Celebration

Time to bake the cake! Tie-dye Mickey ahead! It's not cheesecake, but oh so Pop Century Resort! 

@LoveDisneyRun: Our #DisneySide at Home Celebration
  @Charm_CityCakes @duff_goldman tie-dye cake is hot out of the oven! 

@LoveDisneyRun: It's Friday the 13th! The perfect day for a #DisneySide
@ Home Celebration with villainous valentine fun! 

@LoveDisneyRun: #DisneySide party banner making in progress! 
The villainous banner came in or #DisneySideAtHomeCelebration kit. 

@LoveDisneyRun: Perfect 4 #DisneySide @ Home Celebration! 
@DisneyParks: How many Disney villains can you name in this new graphic?" 

How did Disney Parks know we were throwing a villainous valentines party?

@LoveDisneyRun: Mickey Cake + Maleficent Walking Sticks in progress! 
Staff that creates together celebrates together! #DisneySide 

@LoveDisneyRun: It is almost #DisneySide @ Home (away from home) Celebration time! 
Crafty villains! #DisneySide 

@LoveDisneyRun: Maleficent Mickey is sporting his horns!
 #DisneySide @ Home (Away From Home) Celebration! @Charm_CityCakes 

Mickey cutters make the best PB&J's! 

Maleficent walking sticks! 

@LoveDisneyRun: College students enjoy a good buffet made by/for students!
#DisneySide #sponsored @all_Laundry @Wisk @Snuggle_Bear 

Check out Mickey's Duff inside! 

@LoveDisneyRun: Hook was at our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration!
 #DoughHook #BakingJokes #DisneySMMoms

@LoveDisneyRun: Puzzle me this... How many times will college students do a
Disney villains puzzle? #DisneySide

The students put the nail salon station to work! 

The games in our Disney Side Celebration kit were a huge hit! 

It was such an amazing way to close out the second trimester of the academic year 
with our student staff! 

The Twinings Tea was much appreciated during the party 
and especially afterwards during the cleanup! @TwiningsTeaUK

Cake and tea time! 

We all had a blast and got a fun chance to share our love and knowledge of Disney!  It was a great way to wrap up the second academic trimester at school and work. One of the students is even off to his second internship with the Disney Internship College Program for third trimester.  He picked a Walt Disney World Resort restaurant this time around after experiencing a sit down restaurant in World Showcase his first internship. 

Thank you to ALL of the sponsors and Disney Parks staff who helped with the planning, packing, and shipping of the Disney Side at Home Celebration kits!

The majority of the items used at this party were provided free of charge with the party kit.  
All of the thoughts and comments are my own.  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Princess5k code name Frozen5k

Although the hash tag for this event is #Princess5k we are all well aware that it is really a Frozen5k in oh so many ways! 

Elsa has cast a freeze warning across the region in honor of her race and layers will be the dress code for the morning! 

"@runDisney: Attention #Princess5K runners! Please read the following message regarding the weather conditions during your race."

I picked up my bib this morning! What are those sisters up to? The #princess5k bib is so cute! I bet they have quite the race planned for us in the morning! 

We are getting ready for the #princess5k in our car! We decided bringing our shelter with us was a good idea on a #frozen5k morning! 36 degrees and falling to 30! Oh Elsa did you have to take your race to this extreme! #rundisney @rundisney #rDRoyalty 

Princess Half Tweet Log

Princess Half Marathon weekend is officially underway! 

Woke up to 2 fresh inches of powder! Cleared the car off in short order. Thankfully Elsa did not thrown down a sheet of ice! 

4:44 am headed to my gate! Sometimes it takes forever. Sometimes it is super quick! See you real soon @WaltDisneyWorld! #runDisney

5:00 am watching them de-ice planes near my gate. Our plane is ready and waiting. I think I have no less than 3 tiaras in my bag! #runDisney

A running Princess need gear choices! 

It is expo day! My flight arrives at 9:35 and then it is straight to the expo! My Fairy Godmother is picking me up! 

6:00 am on the plane getting ready to fly! #PrincessHalf #runDisney bound! Ready to leave the ice and snow! 

See you in Orlando! 

8:00 am and flying high up in the sky! 

Cloud cover have way to snow covered fields in the Carolina's! Elsa's powers have reached far and wide this winter. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wine Dine Half Marathon 2014 rainfest

 The Wine & Dine Half Marathon 
aka The Embrace Your Inner Duck Half Marathon!

Rain race hint No 1. These pictures were all shot with my waterproof camera. My iPhone stayed in my Nuu-Muu race dress back pocket 
the entire race inside a plastic bag. 

Hint No. 2 Tuck a poncho through the back of your race belt. 
-Jeff Galloway as demonstrated by Jeff Galloway

Hint No. 3 Enjoy the start of the race - a lot! You will never be this dry again and who knows how many pictures your will really be able to take!

Sure you can capture the fireworks, but can you capture the explosion? 
Boy was that a bright light!

Working our way to the start line.

Hint No. 4 You might want a poncho for the annoying wait in the drizzle pre-race. I checked mine for the after party and went full duck! 

...and the rockets green glare!

 Almost time for my corral!

Hello Carissa & Rudy! Boy did you guys look great! The rain was already starting to kill the speakers. Only speakers near the start and the warm- up area seemed to still be working. The majority of the corral speakers went out! It was already getting wet!

Hint No. 5 I took the graphic of Mickey on the start line as my call to action! Run for the food! Run for the wine! I was time, time, run!

First  photo stop of the race. Don't mind if I do! 
Boy those bear costumes are going to get heavy!!!

 Hint No. 6 During a rainy race the big white ball lights don't always signal character stops. runDisney seemed to put almost every light they had available out on the course. Which was a very good thing. There were also a could of clear character stops without characters. 
Yes Virginia it really was too wet for some of the characters.

These two lovely fairies stayed out the whole time and did not seem to give a hoot about the rain! What a blessing!

Hint No. 7 If it is going to be too wet for your costume change your costume. I was going to run as a chef with my Nuu-Muu Espresso running dress, a Chef Mickey hat, and a few kitchen tools. I kept the dress and embraced my inner duck! I found a Mickey antenna topper complete with a yellow Disney Parks poncho and stick it on a Mickey pen.  It perfectly defined my rain race and gave me a fun focal point that got me through the race! 

Poncho Mickey helped me get through the race in style!

So my feet stayed dry until about mile 3. Just as they were starting to get damp I decided to try and take a picture with the turtle in the Animal Kingdom parking lot. I stepped in the soaker of all soaker puddles and my feet were wet from them on! 

 Another bound to be heavy costume! I don't know how they did it!

Animal Kingdom at last! 

Hint No. 8 When running a race soaking wet in 60 degree weather be very mindful of your core temperature. I really goofed off in AK as you are about to see. When I felt my core temperature falling I knew I needed to run for at least a mile straight to bring it back up again. My motto is I must be able to rescue myself. Be mindful of your body at all times!

At least they gave him an umbrella! 

I could not resist a picture in my favourite orange tuk tuk! 

The lights though Asia looked so festive and beautiful!
AK in the dark is amazing!!!

Being able to get out of the rain for a moment to visit
with the characters was a blessing! 

I was going for "poncho Mickey takes over Jack's ship!"

Jack and Barbosa were probably the least happy characters along the course, but I guess that is not too out of character.
They definitely were not going to touch any of the runners! 

My sister caught up to me as I was stopping at see Jack! We were able to run together for a mile or so before I needed a potty stop. I really appreciated the Lion King cast out under the parking lot entrance at AK! It turned out to be our only picture together on the course. Thanks for being there for us one and all! 

The green army man is always a must stop!
He is a real motivator out on the course! 

Rocking' Roller Coaster! You know what that means!
Hollywood Studios!!!

...and a ton of selfies due to all the amazing neon and holiday lights in HS! 

I knew I would be stopping for a picture with Mickey's hat no matter what! I was going for a selfie when a Disney cast member offered to take my picture. He put down his umbrella and took my favourite picture of the entire race! 

A dry spot! Don't mind if I do...get out of the rain for a moment! 

This section of the course caught me completely off guard last year!
Disco balls, fog machine and music almost kicked me to the curb last year.
This year it was a dry stretch! 

This character spot really surprised me!
The Incredibles where not incredible enough to be out in the rain!
I took it to mean that we were even more incredible!
Added bonus: I really love my Edna shadow!

Here we go everyone! The moment everyone looks forward to!
The Osbourn Light Spectacular! 

The lights looked even more spectacular in the rain!
The reflections were beautiful.

The let the holiday dancers get out of the rain under a building awning! 

I tried not to linger too long among the lights.
Core temp falling and I needed to get going again!

I have a Pluto over my shoulder! 

When at the Crossroads take a picture! 

No pictures between HS and Epcot tells the real story!
Those were just get it done miles if I have ever known them!
The volunteer support through that stretch was welcome and appreciated. 

A wonderful boy who was cheering near Spaceship Earth offered to take my picture. He was only the second person who offered the entire race. His mother was worried that he might not have done a good job. I praised that kid! He did an incredible job. Just having someone offer to do something for me when I was dripping wet, past midnight, 12.75 miles of running later, made my race!

Here it is! The bring me home moment! The lights, the lights they're calling! 

We did it! We did it! Poncho Mickey made it across the finish line! I might have to put my Mickey size W&D medal on him! 

Okay so we ran the 13.1 and got our medals, next up the after party!
Bring on the Wine & Dine!

I stopped for a couple of shots at the official finishers banner
before claiming my gear and getting dry! 

Hint No. 9 Sometimes you race for the medal and sometimes you race for the Mylar blanket. I knew I was racing for that blanket from the moment I left AK! I might have broken down in the finish line shoot if they did not have them! Yes that was the last part of my rescue me plan. I would have needed medical if that blanket was not waiting for me. Always take the blanket!!!

Nuu-Muu provided me with my dresses for the half marathon and the 5k runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend. I received no other compensation and all of my thoughts are my own. 
The rain was just a bonus!