Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Dopey Challenge costume lineup

So here it is...my Dopey Challenge costume lineup!

The WDW 5k as Elsa from Frozen!

The WDW Minnie 10k as you guessed it Minnie!

The WDW Donald Half Marathon as a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar! I had so much fun running in this costume at Wine & Dine I am wearing it again!

The WDW Mickey Marathon is getting the full runDisney treatment with sparkly runner Mickey on a blue running dress! 

Of course Dopey has my back on this fourth leg of his challenge! I am going to need his support! 

Make sure you say hello and stop for a photo if you see me! That's why I am sharing my costumes early. Travel safe and see you real soon in wonderful Walt Disney World !

Karen asked which one was my favorite? Here is my answer! 

Elsa because the cold never bothered me anyway. 

Minnie because she taught me I can really run a marathon in ears! 

The Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar because hello...it's a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar and the crowd loves it! 

Finally my runDisney Mickey and Dopey dress because it is elegant simplicity! 

Thanks for asking Karen!


  1. Love your costumes! Good luck!!!!

    1. Thanks Karen! Can't wait to put them each on and run!

  2. The Mickey Bar is so creative. I never saw that before! We're you at the Jingle Jungle 5K in Nov? If so did you were the red and white Polk a dot outfit? If so I thought I saw you! Great outfits and best of luck to you in the races!