Friday, September 30, 2011

I need a roommate...

So I am weighing my options for WDW marathon weekend.  I have the airfare covered and the race registration is still open.  Now I need to figure out the hotel.  Does anyone want to room together?  I am thinking about going down on Thursday and coming back on Monday.  I want to do the 5K on Friday and the full on Sunday.  Anyone in?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day into Night

Tonight I went out thinking that it would be a short run.  The light was fading and night was coming.  It was only 6:15, but I questioned how much longer the light would hold with the overcast sky.  At about 1 1/5 miles out it dawned on me (ha ha dawned on me) I could run the unlit bike path until the light was almost gone and then switch over to lit city streets for my return.  And so I did.  There is no night light coming from the sky out there.  Without street and car lights it is pitch black.  It was my first real night run of the season and it felt great!  So when night falls just keep running, but take care, it is the season for head lamps, glow sticks, and reflective vests.

Has anyone else gone for a night run yet?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The race that wasn't and exploring where I live

Last evening I packed my race bag.  I went to bed ready to go.  The weather was improving.  But when 5:10 came this morning I woke up to an upset system.  I only had 20 minutes to decide if it was going to work or not and in the end I decided I just needed to get back into bed and go on a solo run at a more reasonable hour.  I had not preregistered so I was not out any money and I didn't have to drive the hour down there and then an hour back after running 13 miles.

When I went out on my own at 9 I said I was going out for an undetermined amount of time.  I was set on a long run, but I did not want to do my straight up 13 miles on the bike path.  So I veered off and said I would shoot for 2:15 run time and see how far I had gone later.  To say that I ran down roads never taken would be an understatement.  I saw some beautiful houses and inlets as I checked out one dead end road after another just to see what was down them.  There are some really lucky folks in Rhode Island with some amazing water views.  It was a beautiful run.  I think in the end I went around 12 miles.  I didn't get a great medal at the end, but I was home and I was able to head right back out with the girls and go swimming at the Y.  We stopped at the local bakery afterward for pizza stripes also known as bakery pizza.  It is just crust and red sauce served cold.  It is a staple of kids birthday parties in RI.

Where did you run this weekend?

Friday, September 23, 2011

I run in the face of rain...

Wait...I run with rain on my face.  Yes it is raining here and I went running anyways.  I was desperate to get out there.  My week worked against me and I had not been out running since Monday.  So rain or no rain, I was running.  It was a 100% mental run.  All in a good way.  I just could not stop thinking about running.  How much I love it.  How great it makes me feel.  How I am more of a distance runner than a PR kind of person.  How I might consider trying to run the full marathon for Disney's Marathon weekend in 2013 when I have said in the past that I would never run a full marathon.  Today I watched a great video of a WDW full marathon and it just got me thinking.  Thoughts can be dangerous, thoughts can be fun, thoughts can get you through a rainy run.  Run on, and on, and on....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Overheard while running & a bumblebee spoke to me

So I don't know about you, but I hear things when I am running past other runners.  It is usually just a line or two of their conversation.  Of course it is always out of context.  I play a little mental game where I try to figure out what they were talking about and come up with funny next lines.

Overheard while running today:

"Oh my God Tim!"
"I heard that over a year ago."

a. something horribble was being discussed.
b. something wonderful was being discussed.
c. she really wished that whatever being discussed was going to happen to her.
d. it was a great piece of gossip.
e. some of all of the above.

It is really a mental challenge for me to remember the lines and often I have forgotten them by the time I get home.  When I remember them I will share them and please feel free to share yours.

This morning I ran 10 miles.  Running Toward The Prize said that she was going to do 10 miles yesterday and I decided to take it as a challenge.  It was a beautiful day by the bay and I had about 1 1/2 hours to run so 10 miles was realistic.  It was just me and my water bottle, and the other lucky bikers and runners out on a Sunday morning.  I took a gel with me since I wasn't feeling great.  I had it at the 5.5 mile mark.  It was kind of my "you've passed the half way mark and it has been close to an hour" reward.  Of course I was doing a little daydreaming about my costume that I picked up yesterday.  It is a great bumblebee dress.  I think it will work for running.  I was trying to decide if running the Newport 1/2 in it two weeks before Halloween would be appropriate.   My husband thought I was crazy when I even mentioned it.  I am going to poll runners from last year.  Anyway with 1/2 a mile to go, when I was doing some finish line sprints, there was a big old bumblebee in my path.  We were both ducking and weaving to get out of the others way.  We succeeded.  I took is as a sign.

Monday, September 12, 2011

It was a runDisney kind of day!

Tonight I went running in my runDisney 2011 shirt.  I was hoping to bring good karma to my day.  I took the day off today to apply for the Disney Moms Panel.  I wanted to make sure that I could complete the application without worrying about work.  I started the process at 9 am and the application was accepted a little before 10 am.  They wanted applicants to choose a focus/interest.  I of course choose my passion - runDisney!

Anyone recognize the menu I am holding?  I brought it back from a WDW trip a few years back and added it to the museum's collection.  I thought it paired nicely with my pink runDisney shirt.

So we will see how the application process progresses.  I know it is tough competition.  It looks like they are only taking one runDisney mom this year.  That is if they take any.  Some of the current moms are doing a wonderful job of addressing the runDisney questions that are already coming into the panel.  So we will see.  I will keep you updated!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back on my school year running route

Last night was my first night running back on my school year running route.  It was not lost on me that I was returning to a place where I have logged countless hours.  There were a few changes: a few less tree limbs after the hurricane, a few more paths entering and exiting the main path, a little more landscaping.  I am sure I missed a few of the changes, but I will be back on the Boulevard three nights a week until the time change for daylight savings.  Then I switch over to a parallel city street that is better lit and a little safer for the dark nights that are ahead.  For now I am grateful for every evening run in shorts and a t-shirt.

I feel like I really started running regularly again around this time last year.  So it seems fitting to reflect and anticipate what is coming.  I am looking forward to settling into my fall routine.  I have almost cleared all of the hurdles that I was dreading so much a few weeks ago.  The kids are back in school, my sister-in-law is married in Seattle, and my work task in New Hampshire has happened.  Now it is time to enjoy the continuity a routine can bring.

So here is to all of our new routines: I raise my running water bottle to all of us who make/find time in our day to get out there and run.  May our mental stability and waistlines benefit from our efforts!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

When your running plan changes...

go with it and make the best of it!  This evening I headed out for a run of undetermined length.  I was one block from the house when my phone rang and I answered it.  It was a great friend who I have not talked to in way to long.  So we talked and I walked and walked and walked.  I was quite surprised that I had walked 4 miles when the conversation came to an end.  And what were we talking about?  Disney of course and other topics related to the start of a new school year.  Well after four hours of walking it was time to run.  I was still able to get in 5 miles of running despite the fading light.  I don't know if I start running faster as the light falls or if it just feels that way, but I felt great tonight.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome back from the farm Lucy!

Tonight was a welcome back run for Lucy.  While we were away at the wedding she got to go stay at the farm and hang out with some special people and I don't know quite how many cats.  She even seemed to get along with one of the cats so I am told.  I wish I had some pictures of her from her doggy staycation.  She also was the only member of our immediate family who took on hurricane Irene.  I am also told that she did well with the storm.  I can't imagine.  She does not like thunderstorms.  I think it has something to do with her first 6 months of life living on the street.  So tonight I took her running as a welcome home.  I had not counted on all of the new smells that came with the storm.  There are so many branches down that every other dog on the path must have already "checked out."

She just walked back into the room and gave herself a good shake.  You know the ears flapping side to side kind of shake.  I think she is happy to be at home!  She has two girls that absolutely adore her and a bay window where she stands guard all day.

Now we have dinner going in the kitchen.  The fries are on a baking sheet and the grass fed beef that was purchased during todays one day only sale at Wholefoods is waiting to go into the pan as hamburgers.  Life is good!

Other tidbits from my run:  after 3 times running in my running skirt I finely found the secret pocket.  It is on the left leg on the shorts.  I had searched the waistband every time and never found it.  The extra seam across the leg gave it away.  I also tried running with my hair down, testing princess hair styles.  I had one barrette pulling my hair back.  Well in the end I just looked sweaty with wet ringlets and a wet "bib" on my shirt.  Maybe not the best look for photos.  I did not feel like taking a picture test tonight so I will need to repeat the test on another run.

I would love to know if anyone else test runs their runDisney race attire/looks.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back at home - post wedding & hurricane

What a trip!  I was able to get in two runs, one walk, one bridal shower, one family dinner cookout, one lunch picnic, one wedding rehearsal, one rehearsal dinner, a full day of wedding DIY, one wedding, one reception, and four flights.  We were kept busy the whole time we were out there, but I have to say starting my mornings with a run or walk kept be balanced.

All Vegan BBQ - all the food was homemade by the bride's brothers.  We had BBQ tofu, baked beans, green leaf salad, potato salad, bean salad, and hummus.  No, I am not vegan, but the food was so good it was difficult to stop eating.

The first morning I was amazed by the feeling of my muscle groups transitioning over as I went down and up the hills.  I could feel my hamstrings and bum on the way down, then I would bottom out in the valley and my muscles use would transition to my quads with a pull through my bum.  I know this is common place to some people, but I don't live near hills like the ones outside Seattle.  So it was fascinating me...until I got out of bed the next morning.  Ouch!  I decided the best bet was to do it all over again the next morning.  Well the third morning I was just beat after all of the wedding events and all that was left was a half hour walk.

Surprise birthday party in the woods.

Wedding cake anyone?

Aren't they beautiful?

So we made it home in time for work and school to be cancelled due to the hurricane aftermath.  Which was a great thing because we had a birthday party to pull together.  There was no time for a run :( but we did have a great birthday evening.

Today I was able to get in a much needed nap and still make it out for a 5 mile run.  Of course it was a twilight run and night had fallen by the time I made it home, but it felt great!  The hurricane was hard on the trees along the bike path.  There were twisted, shredded trees the whole way.  People had been out clearing some of the debris themselves.  Half of the state is still without power and there are trees blocking roads all over the place.  It will be at least a week or more before the city gets to any of the trees along the path.  There is so much firewood available I think it will be very difficult to sell wood this winter.

The bumblebee loved the real flowers!

The Jr. bridesmaids looked amazing in the handmade dresses!