Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dopey Training

"Was this weekend your first full marathon?

Also, you mentioned in a post that the most you trained for your full was the half at Wine n Dine in Nov and you would tell us more about it later. Is it later? 

Great job and thx for sharing so much of your journey! It made me feel like I was there!" - Jerri Mack

This was my 6th full marathon. My first full marathon was on my home course in May 2012.

So why did my Dopey training stall out at 13 miles? The simple answer is that I used a different training method ... a Dopey training method. Last year for Goofy I just trained like it was a real marathon. That worked for me. 

With Mexican Donald after 2013 WDW Goofy Challenge

This year so many Dopey folks seemed to be training simulated Dopey's with 4 days in a row. That seemed like a good idea to me so I gave it a shot. I just never seemed to be able to get the long run done on the fourth day. Either I would end up needing to skip it or would only have time for another 10 or 11 miles. I will go back to more traditional marathon training next time.

Dopey had my back during the WDW Marathon!
(It is important to know you have a support system,
even if it one you construct to keep yourself going!)

So much of racing is finding out what works for you. The first race at any distance is very much a learning race. I learned a lot about myself and back to back races. I am really good at recovery. Like the song I can "Let it go!" I shed the miles and move on! I am also really good at goofing off, but also knowing when enough is enough. My 10k and half paces were 14:18 and 14:20. Same running/photo pace! I knew I had to do less photo across the full in order to go the distance and I cut it back to a 12:30ish run/photo pace. 

Next year I might not take as many pictures. (I always think that!) maybe less over all time on the course would result in a better Dopey Challenge because I would get even more recovery! 

I did cut out all post race photo ops after all four races, opting instead to get cleaned up and to breakfast more quickly! That was my one concerted effort toward increased recovery. The character lines at the family reunion line were way to long for this Dopey runner to physically handle! 

Officially Dopey!  
My only pictures after the Dopey Challenge were right after I got my 3 medals! Shelley Williams was awarding challenge medals and took a couple of shots for me. I went into full recovery mode after clearing the finish line area.  I tried to get fuel back into me and then went to the finish line to watch my sister cross.  After she crossed I was completely spent and headed to the car to get my 5k, 10k and half medals.  The idea of walking back over to the family reunion area for photos was more than I could fathom.  So I sat in the car and took a much needed rest.  I wish I could have mustered the effort, but I was completely drained. 

Back at the resort with my Dopey bling!
Dopey, Goofy, Mickey, Donald, Minnie, and Pluto!

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