Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Lights and Night Running - Thursday

Thursday night I went out for my run and I took my camera along again.  I ran the usual streets, but kept jogging off a block or two when the Christmas lights were calling.

Patio tree all lit up.  (I love red doors.)

Great use of the porch roof.  I love the tree on top!

So inviting!

There is even a toboggan sled leaning against the railing.

It was a little cold, otherwise I might have sat for a while.

One of my favorite local restaurants - Red Stripe.

One of Providence's historic homes.  It was built in 1896 - that's new for the east side.

Glow Santa

and blow up Penguins that light up!

Now for a few winter wonderland light-scapes.

2nd story Christmas tree

I can just imagine peeking children coming down the staircase.

My favorite Providence bakery.

Closing time and the end of my run for the night.  Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Running - Spinning - Running

Well this afternoon I was tired.  I did not know if I could muster a run or spin class.  Well once I got home I was feeling better and I decided to go for both.  So I loaded up a bag with my spin stuff and threw on my running gear.  (If I repeat the pattern again I will try a different bag.)  I set off to the Y and arrived 35 minutes later.  I had a quick change and was onto the bike.  The class was the standard hour.  Then I was back into my running clothes for a slightly modified route home.  It was a little cold when I started my return, but I warmed up quickly.    The round trip ended up being 6.5 miles with a 6 pound bag on my back.  The bag slowed me down a bit.  I slightly altered my stride to accommodate the weight.  I think it all worked out well and I might do it again, if I have the energy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Lights and Night Running

Tonight I headed out for a short run before soccer practice (youngest not mine).  I decides to reward myself with a holiday lights run.  So I headed toward a neighborhood that I thought would have great lights.  The homeowners did not disappoint.  Here are some of my favorites.

This house is my hands down favorite any time of year!

2nd favorite house and it has a great view of the bay from the back yard in ground pool.

View from the left...

...view from the right.

Love the blow ups!  Hi Mr. Snowman!

Love Snoopy, but what are those things to the right?

Bay windows are made for Christmas trees.

Tornado lights headed for the side of this house.

Look close...there is a big dog barking at me in front of the left deer.

I like this dog.  He has a bright personality and he doesn't bark back.

These folks had a bit of everything going on.
Take your camera on your next run.  It is good to practice your photo stops and starts before your next runDisney race if you plan to stop for character shots along the course.  When I restart after a photo stop I know to remember to lift my knees so that I don't hyper-extend them on the restart.  This gets more and more important the more tired I get.  Learn how your body handles the stops and starts and shoot away!