Sunday, January 19, 2014

Disneyland Half Marathon

This is one of the many posts that has lingered in my Drafts folder.  Seeing all the amazing runners this weekend at the Tinkerbell Half made me want to take a look back at the Disneyland Half Marathon and think ahead to this years race.

Most of you know that I was not planning to race this race, but for a series of  fortunate circumstances I found myself at Disneyland for the very first time!

So rather than stall out and find this post lingering any further ... let's get to the amazing pictures!

Starting the morning off with my weekend run buddies!
Thank you Fairy Godmother!

Happy ChEar Squad members!
These folks were great! They let me take a picture of their fabulous shirts and they had fun with it to boot!

Tink found a chariot! Okay it is a road sign.

She said YES!

Pan and Tink at the start! (w/ @WhatThe5k)

Carissa chatting with Joey Fatone.
(@CarissaAnneB and @RealJoeyFatone)

Carissa chatting with Sean Astin. 
(@CarissaAnneB and @SeanAstin)

Carissa chatting with Alison Sweeny. 
(@CarissaAnneB and @Ali_Sweeny)

Chatting with Mickey and Minnie!!!

A selfie with Mickey!

Fireworks at the start! The start line was huge at DLR.  

It was an amazing morning for a run!
The neon looked spectacular!

I was thrilled to finally be racing on Route 66 in Carsland!

The morning light was just coming out
and the trolleys looked so vibrant!

Look who I found...Mr. runDisneyTV! (@runDisneyTV)
No one know this would be his last race.

The Fireside Girls loved that I asked them
to come front and center!

Disneyland...I have arrived!
I love the scale of the California parks.

Jasmine was totally into blowing kisses.

Just a quite morning run at Disneyland!

Look who I found! My Neverland friends.

My wings were tired and I stopped for a ride!

Aurora looks so beautiful with the
pink castle light behind her!

Do we have any Little Green Men lovers out there?
I know a few!

Oh far away from home.
She should get a Coast to Coast medal as well!

I wish Snow White would have a candy apple for the photo op! Runners would love her even more!

Selfie with my It's a Small World friends!

A couple of strong girls!
Maria taught me that pose a couple of visits back.

So we were about to leave DLR
and I just did not want to leave the parks!
I ducked into Mickey and Minnie's area
in Toontown for a couple of photos.

So if I told you the horse would not stop licking me
what would you say?  Salt lick for a horse!
I was hot, sweaty and insanely happy.

Next up...the streets of Anaheim and the endless sky!

I loved the street performers.

These girls were so fantastic!
There moms were all taking our pictures!

As a Tinker Fairy I could not know...Tinkering! 

Shout out to the Clif Team!
I carry my own Clif Shot Blocks
so I passed on the Clif Shots,
but they were doing a good job!

Hello Angel's Stadium!

The stadium was filled with enthusiastic scouts!
Talk about a cheer squad!
I just want all of those kids to be inspired to lead active lives!

I loved the mile markers at DLR!
Fanfare and carnival all rolled into a celebration!

My Coast to Coast picture!

Let's take it home!

For the medal baby!

Medal - Medal
Coast to Coast

Runners bringing it home around
the Paradise Pier parking structure.

Disneyland Half / Coast to Coast / Princess Half

Let the celebration begin!
Another amazing runDisney race!

My favorite custom souvenir from my DLR trip...
my Mickey Mouse original!

Sharing my accomplishment with Walt!
(They let me walk around the parks all day as Tink!!!)

What an amazing day!

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