Monday, January 6, 2014

Are you a Goofy lady - runDisney and New Balance

2014 New Balance runDisney Collection

As soon as New Balance announced that they were launching 890s as well as 860s I was immediately drawn in to learn more. This is what all the neutral runners were asking for and they were actually going to do it! My issue was that I was more interested in the Goofy shoe than the Cinderella shoe. Yes I am female and the Goofy shoe is a men's model, but maybe it would work. 

M890DIS Goofy
W890DIS Cinderella

I contacted New Balance to get their opinion. They were willing to send me a pair of M890 for me to try, but they could not send the Goofy runDisney overlay. What I received was a pair of M890NYC4. I was so excited when I opened the box! These shoes are amazing in their detail! I was instantly doubly excited about this project! 

The test run went great! I did 4-5 miles in them. I had noted right off the top that they listed as being .5 cm shorter than the W890 women's pair that I use. I run in a women's 8.5 and these are a men's 7. I was advises that the conversion is one and a half shoe sizes smaller. Turns out the 7s were too short for me, but that is because the NYC overlay model ran half a size too small according to New Balance. 

So when I go shopping for my Goofy shoes on Wednesday morning I am going to ask for a size 7.

Competitor posted a great article about the whole line of 2014 runDisney New Balance shoes

If you want to learn about the purchasing procedures for these shoes at the 2014 runDisney WDWMarathon Weekend Expo you should read this runDisney blog post.

New Balance provided me a pair of M890NYC4 running shoes free of charge. They did not require anything in return. I engaged them hoping to learn more about the Goofy shoe and it's potential use by women.

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