Monday, September 9, 2013

Disney Parks Moms Panel - Applications Being Accepted Now

Are you applying for the Disney Parks Moms Panel? 

Thousands will apply. 

A few will be chosen. 

Are you in the running?

Apply: 9/9 - 9/13

Walt Disney World Resort

Disney Cruise Line

Disneyland Resort

Disney Vacation Club


ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Team Sports

runDisney Wine + Dine Half Countdown - the 70s

From Disneyland Half early morning shots to Wine & Dine night shots

79 hopes/dream/wishes on the line, 
79 hopes/dreams/wishes, 
the race starts, we're on our way, 
I wish the runDisney Wine & Dine Half was today!

78 days until our Wine & Dine Half runDisney date, 
78 days til our date, 
I can't wait, it's going to be great, 
running at night is so fun!

77 days until the runDisney Wine & Dine Half, 
77 days away, 
I was able to pick up a charity bib!

76 days until runDisney Wine & Dine Half weekend, 
76 day until fun, 
here's a PSA for race day, 
bring your camera + take lots of pics on the run!

75 Wine & Dine Half runners live on the jumbotron, 
75 excited runners, 
runDisney TV revs up the crowd + fireworks shoot high, 
this race is on!

74 days to go, 74 days to go, 
do you think we will hear the lions roar, 
as we run through Animal Kingdom? 
Wine & Dine Half runDisney

73 days until Wine & Dine Half weekend, 
73 days until runDisney, 
we'll race past the Tree of Life, 
make sure you stop, 
it'll be a great photo op!

72 pairs of New Balance Running shoes, 
72 pairs of shoes, 
check their booth at the Wine & Dine Half expo, 
for new runDisney model news! 
New Balance

71 more days for training runs, 
71 more days to run, 
I can't wait to have fun, 
with all of my Wine & Dine Half buddies on the run! 

70 set of Mickey ears, 
70 sets of ears, 
kids pick them up at the Wine & Dine Half expo, 
and have an amazing kid's race run! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

runDisney Disneyland Half Meet Up

A word of warning: I had a ton of fun at runDisney's Disneyland Half weekend and I have the photos to prove it! That being said the first official event of the weekend was Friday morning.  According to runDisney's email we were to meet under Mickey's Hat at the Disneyland Hotel near Downtown Disney at 5:30 am.  Some stories are best told through here we go!

Meeting and greeting early in the morning with 
Jeff Galloway and Tony Morreale.

Cindy Lynch won last year's Disneyland Half.  
She is sporting one of her own Running Skirts!

Getting ready for our...hey is that Ali Vincent! (@AliVincent)

...warm up with the New Balance running crew!

The White Rabbit was on hand to let us know it was time. 
Bob Hitchcock was the master of ceremonies for the event.

After the runners took off the run/walkers waited a few moments before we started. Jeff Galloway was on hand to lead the group
 and share some advice along the way!

First up was Downtown Disney...

...then through the gates of Disneyland!

We were all taken with the castle and quite of few photos were taken before we moved on!

Mary Jo Collins (@MoJoDisney) was working on her selfie photos.
Rocking the new runDisney blue!

Once we were through the castle we were greeted by Alice 
and a spin in the teacups!

You know me...I can not resist a special photo op!

Larry Rhodes was on hand taking pictures of everyone.  
Nice work Larry and congrats on life!

Finally it was my turn with Alice!

Disneyland is a whale of a good time!

Just like that we were on the move again.

Main Street USA! 
I did not notice that morning, but that is a van on Main St.

Just like that our run through Disneyland was over 
and we were headed out of the park.

California Adventures was up next!

Ali Vincent and Joey Fatone started leading the pack 
edging in front of the Jeff Galloway crew.

You have got to love running at Disney! 
Ali Vincent Living Big in pink!

Running down Route 66

Turn right at the flashing light.

The red rock glows in the morning light.

The road winds through the arch.

We arrived at our destination: 
Hollywood Studios and the Mad T Party stage.

We were all so thirsty after the run.  
"Drink me" was a welcome sign.

I had a great conversation with Erin Glover. 
She is working on some really big stuff at Disneyland! 

I told the Mad Hatter I wanted a serious picture
 and this is what I got! I love it!

Lovely Disneyland and runDisney ladies.  Tammy Jacobson is in the middle.  We are both sporting our New Balance rD shoes!

Faron Kelly took the stage and answered a few questions.  
I could not help but ask him with all runDisney is doing for the adult races...if they had any plans to upgrade the kids races.  
He responded with a new direction...
runDisney may get into walking events
 so that the who family can become more involved as a group.

Cindy Lynch shared her advice on running.  
I don't think any of us will be able to run 
as many miles as she does in a week.

Tara Gidus helped prepare us for the race with her nutrition advice.

Jeff Galloway wanted to make sure that we would 
all make it to the finish line.  
Given the conditions it was probably not a weekend to "race".

Meet up participants taking it all in.

Ali Vincent was very motivational and had a little advice for runDisney...
pink shirts for the Princess meet up!

Sean Astin talked about running with his daughter. 
Motivation is half the battle find it and you are well on your way.

Joey Fatone! 
Little known secret: he could not here the music at the VMAs! 
Did they look a little off? 
Well you would too if you could not hear your music! 
Darn enthusiastic/loud crowd!  
Oh yeah and he runs because of his wife.

New Balance took the stage to talk you!

After all of the talking the black cloth came of the display
 and there they were!!! 
The medals we all covet so much! 
I think we all want the medal stand as well!

Peek-a-boo! I want you, and you, and you! 
Okay I will take the whole lot of you! 
Mary Jo joined in the fun fest!

The social media crew went nuts for the medals.  It was team work in action getting all of the medals photographed and shared! (@SeeSharpRun and @HeathersLG)

On our way out of the park to go to the expo we could not help 
but stop for a few more photos.

The Disneyland Half Social Media Meet Up was an amazing opportunity to get to know the parks the way only runDisney can introduce them.  It is like speed dating attractions, complete with all the photos and fanfare! 

I was incredibly lucky to be invited to this event as part of the media. I did receive a runDisney bag similar to the 50 participants who RSVPed for the event through the Disney Parks Blog invite, but it was a simplified version of what they all received (no pins or park ticket).  I was not asked to write anything about the event in exchange for my participation, but I have chosen to do so.  All of the photos used in this post were shot on my iPhone.  My thoughts are all my own and you all know I have plenty after this experience!