Friday, January 10, 2014

Minnie Marathon Bra

When the runDisney blog posted the new Minnie Marathon Bra made by Champion I was very excited! I run exclusively in Champion bras ... the $17 version from Target. I was a bit shocked to see that it was going to retail for $54! My plan was to look at it, but there was only a slim chance I would try it on. 

When I saw the bra at the WDW Marathon expo it was as good as it looked online! 

Champion provided me with a Minnie Marathon Bra to test run during the Inaugural Minnie 10k. I know what you are thinking ... Is she crazy? I had never run in the bra before and I was going to race in it! Yes I am crazy! So crazy that I did not apply the usual body glide and challenged the bra to prove its "no chafe, no bulk, no sweat" promise! 

Well it preformed impeccably! It felt amazing! Like I never even was aware of it! Of course I knew I was wearing a bra, but it was a zero issue bra. After the race I was thrilled with its performance. We all know how it usually turns out ... you strip down for your shower and immediately see where your bra failed. Painful red chafing that burns when you get it wet. To my utter surprise I was entirely free and clear of all chafing! I was 100% unscathed! 

So why have a fancy fun bra that no one will see? Well it is only $6 more and darn it, it makes me happy! Plus it turned out it worked amazingly well with my Minnie Mouse polka dot running dress. There are those ladies who can wear the bra shirtless with confidence and cheers to you, but I probably won't be one of them. Of course I am sharing a story about my bra with all of you, so who knows maybe one day I will wear it running for all to see!

I washed the bra and plan to wear it again tomorrow. This time for Donald's Half Marathon. We see how it does over twice the distance. 

Day two update: I wore the bra for the half and again it preformed amazingly! I was fully saturated, dripping with sweat for most of the half marathon, and again I had no chafing! So I am taking this challenge all the way! I am going to wear the Minnie Marathon Bra in the Mickey Marathon! I am putting it to the full distance test!

You all know (I am sure) that things (including garments) work or don't work depending on any number of factors. One of the basic principals of running is don't try new things on race day! I obviously threw this out the window on this one. 

Champion provided this bra free of charge for me to test run. They placed no requirements on me in exchange. I did offer to post my thoughts on the bras performance on social media. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

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