Wednesday, March 7, 2012

St. Patrick's Race Costume Trials

I needed a little something extra to get me out there running tonight.  So I thought I would try out my race accessories for the Providence St. Patrick's 5K that I am doing this Saturday.  The race shirt is from the same race, but 2 years ago.  The socks ($5) and hair braid ($2.5) are from Target.  I am also wearing pot of gold hair ponies ($1) from Target.  I loved seeing my shadow in the street lights.  The braids made me smile every time I saw them.  It was a beautiful night.  There was a warm southern wind blowing up the bay and I was out on a peninsula with water on either side.  The lines on the boats at the marina were slapping on the masts and the gulls were calling out into the wind. I was glad I had made the effort!


  1. all you need is a kilt. Check out I have one, but need to shorten it by like 4 inches.Go with the mini.

    1. The race is in 2 days. I think I am out of time for this one. But I will definitely check out! Thanks Kara