Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting to know you - Cox Providence Rhode Race marathon course

Today I headed out to get to know the few streets that I have not run on along the marathon course chosen for the Cox Providence Rhode Race.  I am planning to run it May 6th as my first ever full marathon.

Nice aerial view of the course eh?
I took some notes regarding the streets and headed out the door.

I used a brown marker, but it turned purple before the run was over!
Here are a few photos from along the course.

Looking out toward the bay from the country club.

Nice groomed lawns and waterways.

Watch the road while you are on Nayatt.  The surface is less than ideal.

I didn't know people were allowed to take their dogs golfing with them. 

We only get this view for less than 1/2 a mile so enjoy it while you can.

Watch out for the geese and their droppings down by Brick Yard Pond in Barrington. 

The miles on the East Bay Bike Path are beautiful!
Hopefully miles 21 & 22 will actually be passable/runable.  They need to finish up the sewage line project that has had that stretch closed since the beginning of November.  It is due to be finished in April.

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