Sunday, March 18, 2012

Longest Run Ever - 21 miles

So I was planning to get in a long run today.  I took yesterday off and had a wonderful pasta dinner last night with peanut sauce and tofu.  Homemade by my loving husband!  I was feeling primed and ready to go running.  I was thinking that I would go to the end of the path and back.  But then I had an idea in the first half mile.  Maybe I should really test myself and see what I could do.  My next scheduled race is not until May 6th and I signed up for the half.  My youngest had a special mother/daughter brunch the same day so I was going to run the 13.1 and then go to brunch.  But now she is double booked with a soccer game and brunch.  I think the game is going to win out.  Well within the first half mile I started to wonder if I could up my 1/2 to a full!  It is my home turf race.  The full literally goes by half a block from my house.  Then the question became could my body do it?  Well on today's 3:33 odyssey I averaged 10:10 miles for 21 miles.  I had my running bottle with me, a pack of Clif Shot Blocks, and I bought a donut at mile 13 for fuel and so that I could use the restroom.  It would be a real effort (huge understatement) to finish the final 5, especially as I ran past my house, but I just might do it! All comment welcome!


  1. I think if you can run 21 miles, you can certainly do 26.2! Go for it! I think I told you that I signed up for the full and had to switch to the 1/2 for a variety of reasons but going to attempt the Newport Full!

  2. Shannon-
    Did you get the emails about the UnitedHealthcare Triple Crown of Running? Providence, Jamestown, & Newport 1/2s. If you do the full at any of them they use you first 1/2 time. I am thinking that I might do the full/half/full combo!
    "Registering for the UnitedHealthcare Triple Crown includes event specific technical shirts and medals, special gifts for each participant from a local sporting goods retailer, invitation to an exclusive pre-race dinner and reception Amica Marathon weekend in Newport, an exclusive post-race tent with food and beverage at the UnitedHealthcare Newport Half at the Amica Marathon, and the chance to hoist the Triple Crown trophy and be named the Champion!"

  3. I did see that. I would be up for it except for I do not like signing up for races in the summer...too hot!