Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cox's Marathon - mid race sights

Last night I headed out to check out the middle of the course for the Cox Marathon.  I love running with my camera and checking out the surroundings.  You see things differently when you are running and you can always stop and take a picture.  Check out the race details for yourself at

Henderson Bridge (aka the Red Bridge) crossing from Providence to East Providence at mile 3

Looking back across at Providence's Waterman Grille from E. Prov. at mile 3.5

Old Bridge forever pointing skyward

Munroe Dairy at mile 3.75

Munroe still does home delivery!
I won't need their delivery service at mile 3.75, but ask me at mile 22.

At mile 4 we head south on the East Bay Bike Path (EBBP).
We will be back at this spot after mile 24 and headed up this hill.

Looking back at the Washington Bridge as I head south.
Mile 24 will take us up and across the bridge.

At mile 4.5 looking out at downtown Providence from the upper overlook parking  lot on the EBBP.

This parking lot will be the spot for the water/Gu/Gatorade/Food/Medical stop at mile  23.75.

The EBBP is part of the East Coast Greenway from Florida to Maine.
The EBBP is 14.5 miles long and goes from the Washington Bridge in Providence to Bristol, RI.

The EBBP is part of The Rail-Trail Hall of Fame.  You can still see sections of the old rail line.

The EBBP has been closed since Nov 1 from mile 20.5 to 23.  I am hoping it will open soon!

The upper parking lot is 4.5 miles north of the Crescent Park Carousel, we will get there.

Metacomet Country Club on the left side of the Veterans Memorial Parkway.

We run across the Amaral Brothers Bridge at mile 5.5

Watchemoket Cove - close to high tide

New wind turbines in Providence

See that orange snow fencing out there on the cove bridge.
That is where we will be running  at mile 22.5 on our way back north.
It is a thin old railroad causeway that is out there exposed to the elements.

The cove from the bridge.

I never knew that the Veterans Memorial Parkway was once know as the Barrington Parkway.

The Parkway is one of RI's Scenic roads.  There are deer and goose crossings along the way.

The road going down to the Squantum Assoc. is off of the Vet. Parkway.
We will see the club at mile 21.75 once we are back out on the EBBP.
It is a beautiful spot on the Bay.

Bradley Hospital will be on our right at mile 6.33
Bay View will be on our left just after that.

There is a play ground right out front.
My girls have watched me run by at this very spot.

Just before mile 8 we get to the Dari Bee - YUM!

How quickly do you think they can serve a chocolate vanilla twist as we pass back north at mile  20.5?

The Crescent Park Carousel in the setting sun at mile 9!  I wonder if the calliope will be playing?

It is a great ride if you get a chance & you can grab the brass ring if you are lucky!

Bullock Cove after mile 9

We will already be passed mile 10 and the Clam Shack before 11 am.

Clam Cakes, chowder, fish & chips!  What is not to like?

Bullock cove looking south from the Crescent View Ave. bridge.

Brewers Yacht Yard & Marina - Bullock Cove

Mile 11 southbound & 19 northbound - Vintner & Wannisett 
The location of the Vintner Ave Playground.

Another great location to watch the runners go by if you have kids.  There are even picnic tables under the pavilion, but no restrooms.
 That is all I have for now.  I am hoping to get out on the half course sometime in the next week!

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