Saturday, March 17, 2012

Princess Weekend Kids Mile - Feb.25, 2012

The 1 mile race team - in the sun!
This year we focused on the Kids mile.  Before the timed race began Jester Goofy came out to get the kids all excited to run!

The signage was much better this year!

My 2 daughters and my nephew did the mile together.  Well they were at the start line together.  My oldest took off like a shot.  She was wearing her RunningSkirt, a tank top and her Rapunzel flowers in her hair.  I ran along with my youngest.  She had on her RunningSkirt with a yellow Rapunzel flower on her shirt.  My brother-in-law ran with my nephew.  The youngest two were both little troopers.  They did a little run/walking along the way.

12:15 on the fields at ESPN can be a brutal time of day and it was full sun and warm despite a cool wind.  The official water break was a welcome stop for my youngest.  Once we got around to the track for the finish line stretch she took off and I stepped aside to the outside of the stands so I would not get in the way of runner photos.  This year runDisney did special Tangled medals for the kids races.  They were a huge improvement over the shields they got the last few years.  They also got Tangled t-shirts instead of just I Did It shirts.
Great mementos to go with great memories!

The happy finishers on a very sunny field!
They all grabbed their snacks after the race and we were off again.  I had to head back into the expo to exchange my Princess 1/2 shirt for a smaller size.  I had exchanged my 5k shirt earlier in the day.  I had intended to check the shirt sizes on Friday, but had overlooked that detail.  I registered for these races the day they opened...July 5 and needed smaller sizes after all the focused training and lifestyle changes.

4 cousins - 3 milers & 2 5k runners among them

Love the medallion - They look like a happy couple!


  1. This is so cool! What a great way for Disney and you to encourage a lifetime of healthy fitness for them! I bet they LOVED the metals!! I do!

  2. They love it all...being with family, the expo, the races, the special celebration dinners, the t-shirts that they can wear proudly later, and of course the medals! I love that we have so much fun doing it together. We only go to Disney during runDisney weekends so we can combine fun in the parks with great times racing!