Friday, March 16, 2012

Princess Expo Saturday

Some race expos are so good you want to go to them more than once.  That goes for all runDisney expos. Friday was just for me, no kids, and all business/shopping.  Saturday was for sharing with the kids.  After the Tangled 5k the 5 of us headed straight to the Princess expo.  We were all still in our 5K costumes.  When you love your costumes who wants to get right out of them!

Although we already had all of our race bags we still headed to the big white tent so my sister could get the full experience.  That included getting our pictures taken with the footmen and Cinderella's carriage.  She too had to stop at the little Official Merchandise stand in the tent before we proceeded to the center.  Once we were inside the expo it was watch out world.  She had been looking forward to this weekend since I had run the Princess in 2011 and the expo was part of the anticipation.

What girl doesn't need a little pixie dust?

We spent the next 2 hours or so looking around the expo.  I was able to share my Rapunzel costume with Suzy Favor Hamilton who loved it!  I also got a few looks from little girls!  Alas there were no Saturday sales at the runDisney Official Merchandise booth this year as there had been in 2011.  I did buy one more shirt on Saturday that had eluded me on Friday.  Other than that I was already starting to focus on the Kids mile that was scheduled to start at 12:15.  My older daughter and I got lunch at the ESPN Zone and waited for the rest of the family to arrive with our younger runners.

Up next is the kids mile!

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