Saturday, March 10, 2012

St. Patrick's Race 5K

The day dawned windy and cold, but thankfully the snow storm never materialized!  I suited up and headed to the course with the whole family.  I took my husbands advice and actually went for a warm-up run.  Miraculously after only 9 minutes of running I could tell that I was over dressed.  Toward the end of the race I learned that I probably did not need the hat or the gloves, but boy was I glad I had them the first mile.  I lined up with the 8 minute runners and when the race started took off like a shot.  Or as much of a shot as I could muster.  My first mile split was something like 7:15.  I knew I had better settle in a little bit more than that = slow down a bit.  The second mile includes a downhill into a neighborhood and then the required uphill to get back onto the same road for the return.  Then it was back to the capitol where we had started.  About halfway back the road bends and you can see the capitol in the distance.  There is something uplifting and down-heartening about seeing your far off. Well it is only a matter of time and distance right, so onward I went and you know a short while I was finished!  Amazing how that works! 

At the start line!

The start line is on Smith Street right in front of the State Capital.

Getting my medal (kind of a funny shot)
Happy runner - the medal blends in with the outfit.

These are the raw stats - They had a chip mat where you could call up your info post race.  It differed from the printed sheets.  I need to check and see if they have posted the final results.  But how cool is that right!?!
Have you seen this at any of your races?

The official stats (I guess the chip mat computer trumped the printed sheets):
24:05 time 
24:10 gun time
455 place overall
7:46 pace
17 in my new age group
76th woman out of just over 2,100!
There were 3,576 run/walkers who crossed the start & finish line.
Fantastic run all in all, on a fantastic 40th birthday!  Oh did I neglect to mention that elsewhere?

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