Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back on my school year running route

Last night was my first night running back on my school year running route.  It was not lost on me that I was returning to a place where I have logged countless hours.  There were a few changes: a few less tree limbs after the hurricane, a few more paths entering and exiting the main path, a little more landscaping.  I am sure I missed a few of the changes, but I will be back on the Boulevard three nights a week until the time change for daylight savings.  Then I switch over to a parallel city street that is better lit and a little safer for the dark nights that are ahead.  For now I am grateful for every evening run in shorts and a t-shirt.

I feel like I really started running regularly again around this time last year.  So it seems fitting to reflect and anticipate what is coming.  I am looking forward to settling into my fall routine.  I have almost cleared all of the hurdles that I was dreading so much a few weeks ago.  The kids are back in school, my sister-in-law is married in Seattle, and my work task in New Hampshire has happened.  Now it is time to enjoy the continuity a routine can bring.

So here is to all of our new routines: I raise my running water bottle to all of us who make/find time in our day to get out there and run.  May our mental stability and waistlines benefit from our efforts!

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