Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome back from the farm Lucy!

Tonight was a welcome back run for Lucy.  While we were away at the wedding she got to go stay at the farm and hang out with some special people and I don't know quite how many cats.  She even seemed to get along with one of the cats so I am told.  I wish I had some pictures of her from her doggy staycation.  She also was the only member of our immediate family who took on hurricane Irene.  I am also told that she did well with the storm.  I can't imagine.  She does not like thunderstorms.  I think it has something to do with her first 6 months of life living on the street.  So tonight I took her running as a welcome home.  I had not counted on all of the new smells that came with the storm.  There are so many branches down that every other dog on the path must have already "checked out."

She just walked back into the room and gave herself a good shake.  You know the ears flapping side to side kind of shake.  I think she is happy to be at home!  She has two girls that absolutely adore her and a bay window where she stands guard all day.

Now we have dinner going in the kitchen.  The fries are on a baking sheet and the grass fed beef that was purchased during todays one day only sale at Wholefoods is waiting to go into the pan as hamburgers.  Life is good!

Other tidbits from my run:  after 3 times running in my running skirt I finely found the secret pocket.  It is on the left leg on the shorts.  I had searched the waistband every time and never found it.  The extra seam across the leg gave it away.  I also tried running with my hair down, testing princess hair styles.  I had one barrette pulling my hair back.  Well in the end I just looked sweaty with wet ringlets and a wet "bib" on my shirt.  Maybe not the best look for photos.  I did not feel like taking a picture test tonight so I will need to repeat the test on another run.

I would love to know if anyone else test runs their runDisney race attire/looks.

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