Friday, September 23, 2011

I run in the face of rain...

Wait...I run with rain on my face.  Yes it is raining here and I went running anyways.  I was desperate to get out there.  My week worked against me and I had not been out running since Monday.  So rain or no rain, I was running.  It was a 100% mental run.  All in a good way.  I just could not stop thinking about running.  How much I love it.  How great it makes me feel.  How I am more of a distance runner than a PR kind of person.  How I might consider trying to run the full marathon for Disney's Marathon weekend in 2013 when I have said in the past that I would never run a full marathon.  Today I watched a great video of a WDW full marathon and it just got me thinking.  Thoughts can be dangerous, thoughts can be fun, thoughts can get you through a rainy run.  Run on, and on, and on....


  1. I have a long run scheduled tomorrow and it's supposed to rain. So I'll have to decide - run in the rain or on the dreadmill? Oh boy.

    And I've been considering a full marathon too - and I haven't even run my first half yet. Eeek!

  2. The farthest I have run is 15 miles and that was only because I was doing an out and back 13 mile run and there was a potty and water fountain 1 mile beyond my turnaround. It would take some serious time and training to do the full. Maybe for 2013. I think my 2012 is already filling up with halfs and I am fine with that.