Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day into Night

Tonight I went out thinking that it would be a short run.  The light was fading and night was coming.  It was only 6:15, but I questioned how much longer the light would hold with the overcast sky.  At about 1 1/5 miles out it dawned on me (ha ha dawned on me) I could run the unlit bike path until the light was almost gone and then switch over to lit city streets for my return.  And so I did.  There is no night light coming from the sky out there.  Without street and car lights it is pitch black.  It was my first real night run of the season and it felt great!  So when night falls just keep running, but take care, it is the season for head lamps, glow sticks, and reflective vests.

Has anyone else gone for a night run yet?

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