Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back at home - post wedding & hurricane

What a trip!  I was able to get in two runs, one walk, one bridal shower, one family dinner cookout, one lunch picnic, one wedding rehearsal, one rehearsal dinner, a full day of wedding DIY, one wedding, one reception, and four flights.  We were kept busy the whole time we were out there, but I have to say starting my mornings with a run or walk kept be balanced.

All Vegan BBQ - all the food was homemade by the bride's brothers.  We had BBQ tofu, baked beans, green leaf salad, potato salad, bean salad, and hummus.  No, I am not vegan, but the food was so good it was difficult to stop eating.

The first morning I was amazed by the feeling of my muscle groups transitioning over as I went down and up the hills.  I could feel my hamstrings and bum on the way down, then I would bottom out in the valley and my muscles use would transition to my quads with a pull through my bum.  I know this is common place to some people, but I don't live near hills like the ones outside Seattle.  So it was fascinating me...until I got out of bed the next morning.  Ouch!  I decided the best bet was to do it all over again the next morning.  Well the third morning I was just beat after all of the wedding events and all that was left was a half hour walk.

Surprise birthday party in the woods.

Wedding cake anyone?

Aren't they beautiful?

So we made it home in time for work and school to be cancelled due to the hurricane aftermath.  Which was a great thing because we had a birthday party to pull together.  There was no time for a run :( but we did have a great birthday evening.

Today I was able to get in a much needed nap and still make it out for a 5 mile run.  Of course it was a twilight run and night had fallen by the time I made it home, but it felt great!  The hurricane was hard on the trees along the bike path.  There were twisted, shredded trees the whole way.  People had been out clearing some of the debris themselves.  Half of the state is still without power and there are trees blocking roads all over the place.  It will be at least a week or more before the city gets to any of the trees along the path.  There is so much firewood available I think it will be very difficult to sell wood this winter.

The bumblebee loved the real flowers!

The Jr. bridesmaids looked amazing in the handmade dresses!

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