Monday, September 12, 2011

It was a runDisney kind of day!

Tonight I went running in my runDisney 2011 shirt.  I was hoping to bring good karma to my day.  I took the day off today to apply for the Disney Moms Panel.  I wanted to make sure that I could complete the application without worrying about work.  I started the process at 9 am and the application was accepted a little before 10 am.  They wanted applicants to choose a focus/interest.  I of course choose my passion - runDisney!

Anyone recognize the menu I am holding?  I brought it back from a WDW trip a few years back and added it to the museum's collection.  I thought it paired nicely with my pink runDisney shirt.

So we will see how the application process progresses.  I know it is tough competition.  It looks like they are only taking one runDisney mom this year.  That is if they take any.  Some of the current moms are doing a wonderful job of addressing the runDisney questions that are already coming into the panel.  So we will see.  I will keep you updated!

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