Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting going again...

So I commuted on my bike this past week, but did not get enough running in.  A day at the amusement park on Friday and the 5 hours driving everyone there and back led to a rest day yesterday.  I took two naps!  Today is "getting it going again" day in more ways than one.  My run started slowly, but by mile two I was back into it.  The first couple of miles are always the worst.  It always seems so tough getting motivated to get going again, but once you have done it you always feel so much better.

Now that the run is out of the way, we need to turn toward getting ready for the first day of school.  The girls go back on Tuesday...this Tuesday!  I think we have all the supplies we need.  Now comes transitioning the wardrobe.  The girls wear uniforms which means making room in the drawers and closets.  A few alterations also need to be made, buttons adjusted and all that.  Today will not be long enough.  Before I know it we will be back to a school schedule with after school sports and weekend commitments.  Every year there seems to be more and more.  I will feel so much better once I can figure out when my runs will fit into this new schedule.  For now my plan is to run whenever I have a chance, not knowing when my next opportunity will be.  Hopefully I will have a schedule established in two weeks.

Does anyone else have a crazy back to school transition to negotiate?

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