Saturday, August 25, 2012

Steamboat Willie 5k (virtual run) Aug 25th

Calling all my "for the love of Disney running" e-team pals!  Today is the day for our virtual Steamboat Willie 5K!  I headed out this morning with Linda Bachand-Doucet to do our 5k at 7 am.  We met on the East Bay Bike Path in East Providence, Rhode Island and set out on our way after pinning on our bibs and taking a few photos!

Here is the bib blank if you want to get in on this action!

I colored mine in for a little more fun
and even laminated it to protect it from  getting soaked with sweat!

Before the run at the meet-up spot.
Like Ketchup and Mustard we set out on our run!

We ran along the water.

Past the Squantum Club!

We had a few friends out there with us.


Happy runners after we finished!
Linda brought along we had a nice post race snack.  Then I was off to grab my youngest and hit the soccer field for the first game.  I can't wait to see everyone's photos!

If you want to register yourself come on over to FB "for the love of Disney running!"  We would love to have more runners on our team!

Here is who is already registered:

Steamboat Willie Virtual 5k
August 25th

Providence: Erin Williams, Linda Bachand-Doucet
Orlando: Shelley Bowles, Nicole Griffith
Tampa: Lisa Decker
Panama City: Jenn Jacobus, Vicoria Dunn
South Florida: Nicole Zengen, Teala Vandeven, Jennifer Golden
Missouri (SE): Kathy Carter
Atlanta: Elyn Megargee Macek, Danielle Swanson
South Carolina: Regan Levitt
North Carolina: Jodi Granata
Baltimore: Deb Strong
Delaware: Jennifer Acord
Virginia: Nina Fleischauer
Pennsylvania: Tracy Bowers
Connecticut: Carolyn Shea, Deanna DonFrancisco
New York City: Jennifer Tara
Indiana: Monique Wilson
Michigan: Michelle Franz Vincent
Detroit: Janie Kelp
Louisville, KY: Julie Gliessner
Nebraska: Jamie Plucker
Utah: Natalie McHenry
Apple Valley, CA: Terry Millette
Pasadena, CA: Mary Camona
Murrirta, CA: Melissa Mayorgas & son!
Toronto, Canada: Constance Metcalfe
Brittany Gonzales
Brenda Walker
Jessica Reinschmidt
Christy Pitchford
Haley Chambers
Nicole Decker

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  1. Awesome stuff! I can not wait to see everyone's results and hear about the fun they had!