Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rock 'n' Roll Providence - The Race!

August 19th I ran Rock 'n' Roll Providence after working the expo the day before for RunningSkirts!  I got to the race start with plenty of time and was able to park in one of the State lots with no problem.  I headed down the hill to get ready for the race.  There were something like 3,500 runners.  A significant group, but less than last year.  Thankfully there was less rain than last year!  In fact the weather was perfect (upper 60s).

Check out that start line!

Once we all got in our corrals we looked like a significant running party!

I don't know about you all, but I have never run with a pace group and I was starting to wonder if I should try it out!  Well there was a 1:45 and a 2:00 pace group and I was somewhere in the middle.  I had submitted an estimated finish time of 2:00 so that put me in corral 4.  The 2:00 pace group was also in corral 4.  So that was the pace group I would be with if I wanted to try it out.  The 1:45 pace group was in corral 2 so that was not going to work.  Anyway I ran close to the 2 hour pace group through mile 3.  I was carrying water and fuel on my belt, so when they slowed down around mile 3 for water I decided to just keep going.  I figured that if they caught back up to me I would just fall back in with the group.  The result was that I got a great 3 mile warm up and then I headed of at my own pace.

Finish line medal shot!

Happy runner across the finish line!
In the end I PR'ed the course! I finished in 1:54:52! I had a fantastic run.  I was giving thumbs up to all the bands along the course and loving every moment of it!  It really helped that I had pre-run the route 2 weeks prior.  If you are ever looking for a mental edge, pre-run the course.  Then on race day you will know every hill and turn on the course.  Nothing will scare you and you will own the course!  Okay that seems really powerful...because it is.  Power to the runner who knows the course!

Yes I rocked Rock 'n' Roll Providence
...and my Running Skirt
...and my Mickey in Training runDisney skirt
...and my race bib
...and...and...and it was fantastic all around!

After the race I met up with a great group of runners!  Linda Bachand-Doucet set up a wonderful post-race cookout right behind the stage! I may have been the only non Half Maniac in the group!  I need to check into that!  Anyway we all enjoyed her offerings including the police officers working the event.  Thanks Linda (Lady Gaga)! You rock!     
Until next time...Fairy Dust and Pixie Wings Forever!


  1. Thanks so much for voting for me for the iFitness contest and then commenting. I love finding runDisney blogs and now I have another one to read through. I have done the Disney Marathon the past 5 years and am in love with Disney races.

    Great job at Providence. For some reason, I really love that race and have had a blast doing it the past few years.

    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Robin, I am glad you won the iFitness entry for the WDW marathon! I love it when entry fees get covered! I won an entry to any RnR race I wanted. I was already entered for RnRProv so I picked RnRUSA in March! I am going for the full!

  3. Hey Erin,
    knowing that you live in RI, I thought I would check your blog to see if you had run and written a recap of the RocknRoll Providence! I am looking for next 1/2, in hopes of finishing in 3hrs or less. My first was princess, and well I didn't have any goals but to have the best time of my life, which I did! I did a 1/2 in July in Maine, and that was good, but kind of a disaster due to the heat!
    So having run the providence 1/2 before, what would you suggest, or do you have any tips for me? I get worried about hills, I don't mind small inclines here and there, but I don't want to be unprepared if I decide to sign up!
    Thanks Erin!!

    1. There are a couple of hills Stephanie, but they are short. They may be 3-4 blocks at the most. Providence is a great city to run and race in. This race is also a great size. Last year it was around 3,500 runners. Large enough to feel like a serious race, but small enough to not be overwhelming. Where are you coming from for the race?

    2. Did you also see my Pre-race and expo posts?

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