Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 Miler in the Morning

It was a runDisney "in training" kind of morning!  I put on my Mickey and RunningSkirt and headed out the door with my camera in hand and my parents in tow!  Well they weren't quite in tow...in fact they were here there and everywhere on their rental beach bikes keeping me company as we went.

We headed out on the sound side path and road so I could get in a few morning miles before another day at the beach.  In the end we made it 5 miles and once again I was totally soaked.  These are pure waterfall runs with sweat running off me the entire way!

This is a very runner and cyclist friendly beach community.  Most people do there core exercise in the morning and then cross-train the day away.  There is so much to do: taking on the waves or walking on the beach, riding bikes, hiking the dunes at Jockey Ridge, swimming in the pool.

We are going to bed earlier and earlier as the days are taking everything we have to give. Maybe that is just me! I was asleep at 9 pm last night, but up again at 5:30 ready to hit it!  I am just more of a morning person when it comes to vacation.  I am also a nap person. Exercise, food and sleep - that is pretty much what makes my world go round!

They have done a good job in recent years of putting in multi-use paths to connect runner/cyclist friendly road ways. 

They are very good about marking the roads.

There are periodic reminders on the road so you remember which town you are in.

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