Monday, August 6, 2012

Minnie Mouse 5k

Tonight I headed out for a recovery run.  I ran hard, to the core, on Saturday and just needed to get back out there right?  

Two things happened before I headed out tonight.  

First my package from RunningSkirts was in the mail box.  I love their skirts.  They are functional and fun.  I ordered 2 that were on sale.  Happy day!  I picked up a red skirt with white dots = oh so Minnie Mouse! I also got a pink skirt because it just seemed to go with so many of my runDisney shirts.  

The second thing that happened was I saw the Disney Moms Panel update on the Disney Park Blog.  I would love to be a runDisney Mom on the Moms Panel!  

So I was pretty geared up before I headed out in my new skirt.  At first I felt like my legs were heavy, but then I looked at my watch and it said my pace was sub 8.  I was planning on a regular 4 miles, but I instantly switched plans and decided to go for a fast 5k!  And thus my Minnie Mouse 5k was born.  


  1. Love the skirt! Do the black shorts come built in? Too cute! Great 5K time too=)

    1. The running skirt is RunningSkirts Red Dot Triathlon Skirt. The answer is no to the black shorts. They are my favorite compression shorts.

      This is how they describe the skirt:
      "Our red and white polka dot triathlon skirt features 2 roomy side pockets with velcro closure, flat flattering waistband. Perfect as a swimsuit coverup or paddling skirt - wear over your favorite compression shorts, swim suit or run buns."

      I also have two of their athletic skirts with built in compression shorts!

      Tonight was just a flat out fun run!

  2. Awesome!! Looks like you had a great run! Love the skirt...I have that one too only mine is the briefs version! :0)

    1. What do you think of the pink skirt Karen? Does yours have the briefs as well? Mine seems looser than my other athletic skirt. It is supper stretchy. I am headed out for a run. We will see how it runs!