Monday, August 13, 2012

OBX Half Marathon plus 2 miles

First Flight!

This morning we headed out to do 15 miles one way.  We started up in Kitty Hawk and headed toward S. Nags Head, North Carolina.  It was still dark when we headed out, but it was already warm.  I went through 4 bottles of water by the end of the run.  I was in a full body sweat the whole time! Welcome to running in 80+ percent humidity in the 75-85 degree temp range.

Tinker Bell is alive and well in North Carolina!

Wright Brothers Memorial - Let's run the hill!

We were not the only ones with the idea.
 Sunrise from the monument is spectacular!

Kinda like this only better in person!

National Park Service buildings and the flight path of the first flight.

Good morning Wilber!

There we are at the top!

Happy sisters!

This sculpture is my favorite part of the park.  Let's go check it out.

Levers and pulleys, wood and canvas

When in the Outer Banks drink like a local.
We were in the mood for water and Gatorade.

Best local fish market for the evening meal.
It is not dinner without some fresh fish from the market.

We stuck to the bike path as our running guide.
What is good for the bikes is good for the runners.
Who knows where tomorrows run will take us.  Check back and see!

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