Thursday, August 2, 2012

I needed a little motivation...

...and my team was there for me!  Sometimes you just need a little help to get the job done.  

Yesterday I was not so sure about going out for my run, but I was due for an outing!  
So I asked for a little motivation and my Facebook pals 
(at for the love of Disney running)came through for me.  
They pulled out all kinds of motivation ideas.  

In the end I picked out one of my runDisney Princess shirts and my RunningSkirt and headed out the door.  Once I was outside I realized just how beautiful it was.  I was so glad I went out!  
It was one of those perfect summer twilight runs.  

Use whatever motivation you can and get it done!


  1. I tagged you in a Liebster Award on :)

  2. Thanks Ali! I will get on that just as soon as I finish the post I started yesterday!