Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lucy's run/sniff outing

Here she is - Lucy!  My runner dog after a 3 mile run/sniff outing!

After a run what do you want?  To be let into the house!
"Stop taking my picture and let me in so I can get a drink of water."

I took Lucy on my evening run and left my watch at home.  It was cool enough for her and I was too tired to do a longer/harder run.  We went out for 3 miles.  Her goal was to sniff as much as I would allow her to.  We saw the neighborhood red fox in the state park near our house.

Lucy likes to run just ahead of me along the white line at the left side of the bike path.  She just hooks on like a rope tow on the ski sloop and it pulls her along.  I tried her approach in my 1/2 marathon in May.  When I needed a little extra motivation around mile 8 or so I jumped on the white line on the road and let it take me toward the finish line.  When you need a little extra motivation to keep you going use whatever mental edge you've got!

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