Sunday, August 14, 2011

Solo 1/2 in my new running skirt

So I took the day off from running yesterday and I did some shopping.  I was able to pickup my first running skirt and a new "Belle" yellow tank top.  I spent a few miles of my solo 13 miler today daydreaming about what I could add to this very functional running outfit to create a fantastic look for the Princess half.  I was thinking swags of yellow starting a couple of inches above the hem line hanging down to the hem.  Maybe some puff sleeves out of the same material.  OK I might just go all the way around the neckline and back.  The weight of the fabric will need to be next to nothing.  I just really don't want the outfit to feel any different.  Nothing of what I add should be touching exposed skin.  I am going to need to consult some Belle imagery to figure out what to do with my hair and jewelry. Yes I said jewelry.  It is simply a must for any Princess.  I found some oh so Cinderella earrings last year and made a choker out of black ribbon.  I also covered a simple headband with blue netting covered in silver sparkles.  I think I really achieved what I was going for without much fuss.  I did not feel any of it while I was running.  The top is a cycling top from Pearl Izumi, which meant it was wonderful and came with great pockets in the back.  I also loved the black piping and how it complemented the choker.

You have to think about something while you are running, why not race costumes for your next runDisney event.  Who will you be when you race next?

At the 12 mile mark in the 2011 Princess half I got to meet Mrs. Incredible.  It was fantastic to see her at that point.  I took it to mean that we were all "Incredible" and we could make it the final 1.1 through Epcot and to the finish line.

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