Friday, August 12, 2011

Day dreaming on my commute home

So today is one of those days...when I could have just kept on riding past work and stopped for lunch somewhere in Connecticut, taken a nap in a park by the ocean, and ridden home for dinner. If only...

Well getting out of work at noon on a summer early release Friday isn't that bad either.  On my way home I took my usual route, at one point riding down a sweeping hill on the bike path to meet up with the bay.  There is a pine tree at that turn that came down in an early summer storm and it smelled just like summers at the beach.  Which took me back to the Rock 'n' Roll expo this past weekend talking to a race rep. for a race in Virginia Beach.  Before I could think too much about the conversation I caught the full smell of the bay on today's perfect 80 degree day and once again I was a child camping at the beach in Virgina.  Isn't summer great. 

If you can swing it, riding a bike to work is so much better than driving.

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