Saturday, May 5, 2012

T minus 20 or so hours to marathon departure

Today's mission, which I have chosen to accept, eat lots of carbohydrates!

I do not need protein.

I do not need fats.

I have been instructed to raise my glycogen levels.  So if I want cereal after my pancakes I should eat it!  I feel like it is Fat Tuesday.  I am to eat more than I think I want.

Can you believe that such a day exists?

Well in my husbands learned opinion it is called the day before a monumental physical effort day!  I hope he is right!  There is still no way I am stuffing myself.  That would just feel too grose.

So increased carbohydrates it is and relax because tomorrow I will need tons of energy!

Cox Providence Marathon you are mine and I am yours!


  1. Have a great race and enjoy your carbs today!

  2. I have eaten so much I almost feel sick. Hopefully it will all balance out to a great well fueled race!