Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Marathon and a Half Marathon with 2 weeks in between

When I was contemplating my races for May 2012 I was thinking I would do the Cox Providence Rhode Races half marathon and the Cherry Blossom half marathon in Pawtucket, RI.  There would only be 2 weeks between them.  I did not do the Pawtucket race in 2011 because the races were so close together.  This year I decided I would go for it and registered early.  Well you know how the Cox race went (1st Marathon)!  The next battle was how to recover and manage life to get ready for the next 1/2.

My family life was crazy in between!  My oldest daughter was in a professional production of the ballet Swan Lake.  This meant being at the theater for 2 nights of rehearsals and 2 evening shows.  The first rehearsal was on Tuesday night just as my legs were starting to recover.  It meant late nights hanging out with middle school kids in a theater basement.  At least I did not need to put in long miles.  I was grateful to have the time to focus on her!  The downside was it took a toll on my health.  By the final show on Saturday night I knew a sinus infection was coming on with respiratory distress soon to follow.  After much hacking all week long I started to feel better yesterday.  Or at least that is what I was telling myself.  95% was better than 60% and I was running this race.

This past Sunday was also Mother's Day.  I had decided that I really needed a better running watch if I was going to manage my running that way I wanted to and what do you family came through with a hug for my wrist!  I took my Garmin out running that very morning!

Loving my new Garmin & my Running Skirt!
I got in 3 or 4 runs this week with the watch.  I love being able to see my pace!

So what will I do differently this October when I do the Amica marathon in Newport, RI and then the Marine Corps Marathon in DC two weeks later?  I will make sure my commitments in between are kept to a minimum.  I will stay on top of my sleep schedule.  I will eat less pizza on the way to the theater (ie. eat healthier, because I am not rushing off to do something).  In other words I will manage my two weeks better, because it is that important!

As always I am open to your thoughts and suggestions.  This is something I am learning through doing and reading!

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