Monday, May 28, 2012

Running without my shirt

Tonight I went for it...the temps are heating up and I am seeing female runners all over in just their jog bras and shorts.  Well tonight I joined them...sort of.

I went out in my jog bra and running skirt.  It was a bold move.  I have not run without a shirt for about 12 years.  I asked my husband and his only concern was weighing the sun exposure and the moisture wicking properties of a shirt.

It was 5 pm when I headed out so the sun was not an issue and the moisture would just run right off of me!  The breeze off the water felt fantastic while I was near the water.  Other than that it was pretty much just plain hot out there.  If it did not get any warmer this summer I would just fine.

I ran for 9 miles this evening and walked the final 1.3.  It is a beautiful evening out there, a little hot for running, but perfect for walking or dining outside along the waterfront.

Right now I feel like I am between races.  My last half was a week ago and my next half is Jamestown in mid-July (race #2 in the UnitedHealthcare Triple Crown).  At least the race starts at 6:30.  I know it will be an early morning, but maybe we can beat the sun above the treeline!


  1. Good for you! I don't think I could run without my shirt. I'm reading about more and more people being brave and doing it but don't think I have the guts (or lack thereof? LOL) to try it yet.

    1. I was out there with my heart rate monitor showing and everything! I did reroute my return so I did not have to go back past the fishermen a second time. I also made less eye contact with people than usual, but it was hot and after about 3 miles I was no longer even thinking about it.

  2. That's awesome! Good job! (: I will be running in the Disney princess 2013 half marathon! Your blog is very helpful! Thank you!