Friday, May 4, 2012

Cox Providence Rhode Race Marathon Expo

I am now officially running the Cox Providence Marathon!

I went to the expo to switch from the half to the full and get my bib and guess what...I got a generic bib (Bay State Race Services)!  They ran out of official marathon bibs.  They only ordered 1500 and they have over 1800 marathoners.  So for my first ever marathon I will be running with a no name bib! :(  Maybe I will write the name of the race across the top.  That's it, it is time to get creative!

I made it in and out of the expo and I only spent $3!  I bought a magnet from Women Run.  I thought they had a cool logo.  The expo had a few interesting vendors and some charities, but for the most part it was a just a pickup for race bibs and T-shirts (which are unisex and huge).  Get there early ladies, because you are going to want a smaller shirt than usual.  I wear a women's medium race shirt and went with the unisex small.  I put it on over my long sleeve and it seemed okay.  We will see when I take it for a spin the first time.

See you on Sunday everyone!  Race strong and have fun!

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