Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Races Past - Races Future

So I am trying to remember how many half marathons I have run.  It does not seem like that many or maybe it is, oh I don’t know, let’s see…I can’t say for sure that I have remembered them all. 

Past races:
Cox Providence 2009
WDW Race for the Taste (10K) 2009
WDW Princess 2011
Cox Providence 2011
Narragansett Blessing of the Fleet (10 Mile) 2011
Newport 2011
WDW Princess 2012
Cox Providence (Full) 2012
Cherry Blossom – Pawtucket, RI 2012

Registered races coming up:
Jamestown - July 2012
Rock ‘n’ Roll Providence - August 2012
Newport (Full) - October 2012
Marine Corps Marathon - October 2012
WDW Donald – January 2013
WDW Mickey (Full) - January 2013

So that would make this past weekends Cherry Blossom Half my 6th.  I feel like I must have forgotten one or two, but maybe not.  I left the 5Ks off the list.  They were of course where I started and I continue to do them here and there for fun and to test my speed.  It is kind of fun to start and end a season with a 5K just to see how you are doing for speed.  

I run all of the 5Ks at Disney when I am down there for the longer races.  Who doesn’t love more hardware even if it is software?  I think they do a nice job with the medallions.  They lend a certain quality to their animated characters that medal just could not.  

Right now all of my medals are here and there around the house.  None of them are hanging.  They are scattered reminders of great running efforts.  Every now and then I think I should do something with them.  My race bibs are the same way.  Tucked in here and there in the cabinets, on my dresser, even in the laundry room.  I never throw them away.  Maybe someday I will put them all into a collage with a photo from each race.  I am not into creating a tribute to my racing, although I have thought about doing a poster with my character photos from my runDinsey races.  Those pictures just make me so happy!  

What do you do with your race mementos? 

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