Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome to the Tinkerbell bell trials!

HEADLINE: The Bells are a GO!

So I took the costume out for a short spin this morning.  It was not too cold, but I did add a long sleeve shirt and a hat.  The bells were amazing.  Yes they make noise, but no they are not too loud or obnoxious.  They are being sewn onto the skirt tonight.

My girls came out with me to take pictures and shot a little video.  They have another day off school, so we get a long, long weekend!  I don't know if you can even hear the bells on the video.

No, the audio on the camera could not even pick up the bells.  Anyway, if I was talking to someone while running I would not even hear them, but they are there making a happy little ring as I run along on my merry way!

Now I need to consider wings.  To wear them or not to wear them?  I don't really like the ones I have, but I know there are some amazing ones available.  What do you suggest?

Go Tink Go!

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