Sunday, January 22, 2012

Princess Runs-in-many-layers returns!

There once was a beautiful Princess.  Her name was Runs-in-many-layers.  Every winter she got to do what she loves best...go running.  She was training for a race of the Princesses that happened in a distant kingdom of warmth and sunshine.  To get there she had to run, and run, and run.  Here she is getting ready to start her run this beautiful early afternoon in southern New England.  Since she is training as a running photographer, she brought her camera along so that she could share the beauty with you!

Her beloved bike path was covered in 6 to 8 inches of snow and was more useful to cross country skiers than to a runner without snowshoes.  So Princess Runs-in-many-layers left the ski tracks and headed for the road.

The road led her around peninsulas with amazing views of the bay.  The ducks and birds were as happy with the day as she was.

But why stay on the road when the beach beckons.  So off-road she went.

The water in the inlet looked beautiful reflecting the clouds and the brilliant sun above.

She walked where only her friends had gone before, at least since the last high tide.

That is more than a cold wind making her smile.  It was a magical place to be and she was grateful for the snow, and the sun, and the wind, and being able to run!

The roads were run-able, but messy and more than once a car splashed her, but she did not mind.

She passed by many beautiful houses that she had seen before, and she stopped to say hello to some of them as she passed by.

At other houses friendly greeters stood in the yard to watch her passing.

She followed paths that led to quiet beaches...

...and enjoyed the views.

Before heading back home she stopped to look at her bike path again.  It once carried trains and passengers to and from the city.  Now is carries runners, cyclists, walkers, and dogs.

Speaking of dogs, she grabbed hers and headed back out so she could enjoy a look see at the winter wonderland that the world had become.

Embrace winter and go running!

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