Sunday, January 1, 2012

1-1-2012 New Year & Disney on Ice

So here we all are looking back on the year that was...we ran, we had fun, we went to Disney, we ran Disney!  I think all in all 2011 was a pretty fantastic year.  I wrapped up the year a lot lighter than I began it and feel so much healthier.

Check out my new tights and running hat!  I have gotten in a few runs in  them already!

We picked up some new carry on luggage from my parents.  The bags go into service in February for the Princess half.  Aren't the colors fantastic!

My sister sent me a Disney ladybug key chain cover along with alot of other great gifts.  Thanks sister (she will be with me at the Princess along with our families). 
So I was lucky enough to win some Disney on Ice tickets from my favorite Disney Mom's Panel Mom Ritzy.    She had posted a random give away for the show it town and I was one of two families who won.  So this fine New Years day we headed to the Duncan Donuts Center for the show.

The whole family went!  Guess who the photographer was?

Here he is, my favorite Duck - Mr. Donald himself!

and the main mouse couple - Minnie and Mickey.  

A little under the water action.

These ladies know how to dress for a workout!

Sebastian was a childhood favorite!

The ticket lady herself - Disney Mom's panel presents Ritzy - She is in the know when it comes to all things Disney!
Just try her, go ahead ask her a question on the panel.

You know a few of these folks...

When you feel tired while racing just look for your shadow.
Maybe she will give you the extra energy you need to see you through.

They really could fly!

Hook found Peter's house - Oh no!

Run Tink run!  Taking costume notes from the pros.  (I start to sew my costumes tomorrow!)

They really should use some of these inflatables course side at the runDisney races.

Success!  Let us all raise a sword aloft as we cross the finish line.  Each of us will slay the course!
So as we start a new year, I have registered for 5 races so far this year and done my first run.  It was wonderful to see all the new years resolution runners out this morning.  There was a lot of great looking new running gear on parade and the day was beautiful.  I was out in my tights and long sleeve (no coat, hat or gloves).  I love the snow, but I also love great running weather.  Princess weekend will be here before we know it!  Focus on your final weeks of training and get your costumes in order!  Thanks for reading my posts and I hope you enjoy all of the pictures!  Happy New Year!!!

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  1. I would really love to talk with you via email about your Run Disney experiences. I have NEVER run any type of marathon, and I am completely out of shape, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Disney! I really would like to run the Princess 1/2 in 2013...yes, a year from now. Anyway, I would love to talk to you privately about my challenges. My email is