Sunday, January 8, 2012

1/2 Goofy at home

So by Friday night I was all wrapped up in the runDisney marathon weekend activities.  Only problem was that I was not in FL, I was in southern New England.  I set out on my evening run and started dreaming right away.  So was it possible?  Could I do a marathon this year?  Could I do the WDW marathon in 2013?  Could I do the Goofy in 2013?  Was about the full Dopey?  Of course I did not have any of the answers on Friday night.  They were all goals that I might or might no be able to achieve.  But I resolved that I would go for it, some or all to be determined.  I need to see what my body can handle.  First I need to run a marathon.  I started dreaming about just going out and doing it.  Crazy eh?  Well that is kind of my style.  So maybe not today, but soon.  And why not just go out and run a Goofy?  Well I am not there yet.

Anyways, I was able to get in 7 miles in the time I had on Friday, so I decided to do a 1/2 Goofy on Friday and Saturday.  Yes, I did make it out for 13 miles yesterday.  My knee did not feel so great afterwards however.  I think I may need to do that building up to it thing.  But I have time.  I just need to get a marathon in this year, preferably before I register for the WDW marathon.  So I have about 3 months right, well until the window opens for registration.

Who's with me?  I know you are!  And congratulations to all the amazing runners who ran at Disney this weekend.  I have loved following you and seeing your photos.  I can't wait to read your full reports and dream about next year!

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