Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Running Shoes!

I went to the store yesterday to face my fear - finding new running shoes.  I have been running Brooks Adrenalines for 5-6 pairs and thought just maybe it was time to do a little comparison shopping.  Well I walked out with a pair of Brooks Ghost 4s.  I took them out for a spin this morning.  I went 6 miles this morning before the temps when up to 86 degrees.  86 degrees on October 9th in New England.  Crazy!  The Ghosts are definitely different.  I could tell in the store that I was striking earlier with the heel on the Adrenalines.  The Ghosts just felt faster and I seemed to be running more on the middle of the shoe through the forefoot.  Is it possible that they could make me faster?  I don't know, but they feel faster.  It would reason that striking with the heel early would be like putting on the brakes every step.  Anyway there don't seem to be any issues with breaking them in.  So that is good.  I plan to run in them at the Newport 1/2 in a week unless something pops up during this week.

By the way - I asked the salesman how many miles one could expect to get out of a pair of running shoes and he said 200 miles.  Then he upped it to maybe 250 based on my shock.  How many miles do you go on a pair?

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