Tuesday, October 4, 2011


6.6 miles - It was dry when I started and then it began to mist, then drizzle, and then it rained!  I made it back to the house as a wet rat.  All  I was thinking as I came back into my neighborhood was "Trick or Treat, I'm a wet runner on your street!"  I saw a few pumpkins along the way and I was carrying my flasher stick that I bought for $2.50 in the after Halloween sale last year.  It was a great buy with a flasher, a whistle, and a flash light.  When I am wearing my vest and carrying my flasher cars seem to see me from quite a distance away.

I have seen them for sale at Staples.  I got mine at Rite Aid.  I highly recommend it to all runners.  It weighs next to nothing and the leash wraps around your wrist and hand so that you aren't going to loose it.

What safety equipment do you run with when running at night?

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