Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 - 8.5 minute miles

Last night my husband and I discussed fueling for my runs.  It was 10:30 as the conversation wound down and I should have been falling asleep, but I was all ramped up and felt like I could go out for a run at that very moment.  Lucky for me I was able to turn it around and fall asleep with out much difficulty.  I love sleep and a need a fair bit of it to be functional during my work day.  Anyway I was quite excited to leave work today and get home for a run before night fall and the pending rain storm.

I tried having one of the Clif gel shots, Mocha with 50 mg of caffeine, before my run.  I usually have a snack when I get home, before I go out for a run.  So a 100 calorie shot is probably less calories that I would otherwise eat at that very moment.  I had a really fast first mile and felt fast (for me) throughout.  I felt like pushing it and so I did. I am trying to decide what kind of pace to go for in Sunday's half marathon.  Ultimately I think I will decide that the day before the race.

The weather looks like it is going to be great.  Probably in the lower 60s with a slight wind.  The course should be beautiful.  I am only doing the half, but one of my co-workers is doing the full as her first full ever.  Pretty impressive I think since her daughter just turned one.  I sure was not ready to run a full marathon when my daughter was one.

I wish I knew other people who where running the race.  I think I am going to wear my runDisney shirt.  Hopefully there are some other chatty runDisney runners in the race.  Disney always brings strangers together.

Another runner once told me that you should run with your name on your shirt. That way everyone will cheer for you.  I saw her plan in action and it really worked.  It might be time for a little duct tape lettering.  Does sweat set adhesive into tech shirts?  I hope not.

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