Monday, October 10, 2011

Longest...Run...Ever = 18.5 Miles

I headed out this morning with the intent to run a little slower and see if I could make it to a certain point 3 towns away and back.  It turned out it was 18.5 miles round trip.  I had my escape plan in place, one phone call away, if I really needed to be rescued.  I took 1 water bottle, 1 strawberry gel, and $5 with me.  It was in the lower 80s and the sun was brilliant.  I made it to my turn around at 9.25 miles and had my gel.  My bottle still had 1/4 of the water in it.  I had noted a Sip 'n Dip donut shop on my way into town and thought I could refill my bottle there and the plan succeeded.  There was a long line for donuts, but I was able to refill my bottle.

Yes...I passed up all of these yummy looking donuts.  Although maybe they might get me another 8 miles.  Maybe I should get one next time.  Does anyone train with donut fuel?
Thumbs up to the water break!

There are always people out fishing off the bridges on the Bike Path.

I did a repeat of my last long run and picked up a Coke with 5 miles to go.  It was funny watching people's reactions on the bike path.  Most people smiled when they saw the Coke.  A few people laughed in what seemed to be disbelief.  A few licked their lips and clearly wished they had one of their own.  Until 3 weeks ago I would have never even thought to grab a Coke in the middle of a long run, but I was interested in running a race where they were going to be offering flat soda along the course.  Anyway when I finally made it back to the house 3:25 later I was beat.  I don't know where I would have found 8 more miles in me to finish a full marathon.  Maybe if it was not so hot and the sun was not so strong.  I don't know.  Is a glazed donut the answer?

I needed just a little more shade!

Would you ever drink a soda while running?

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  1. Nice job on the 18.5!! :) And yes, donuts work! The Marine Corps Marathon posted that this year they're giving out Dunkin Donuts Munchkins along the route :)